Getting ready

Getting ready

So, if you read this post you have already known my biggest dream: the trip around the world. I am pretty sure that many children have such a dream but not all of them are able to pursue this dream further when they have grown up. For some people a long travel is a dream that has never come true but they still keep dreaming. Some others say to themselves that even it was their dream they are too old, too lazy or too busy to do it. But there is also quite a large group of people who eventually make up their minds and just go.

Although travelling is not a new business as people have been travelling around for a long time the spread of cheap flights, travel guides and easily accessible information have significantly revolutionized the tourist market. More and more people are able to go in exotic and distant places. It has become a new trend or even a MUST DO in some social circles. It might not be a mainstream philosophy but travels are definitely trendy. I don’t consider myself an element of this stream, nevertheless, I will take advantage of this widespread custom, using cheap flights and access to information.

My general idea is to spend one year on this journey. I would like to focus on South East Asia, Oceania, South and North Americas. Being European makes me privileged to know my own neighborhood pretty well so I will skip this continent in my journey. In terms of preparations I will report the acquisition of new equipment here and some ideas on itinerary, I will share some of my doubts and try to figure out the best solution.

Two other important elements of my preparations would be: learning another language and getting some self-defense skills (I might be a dreamer but I still want to make sure that I’ll get back from my trip in one piece). Yes, before I go, I am actually going to learn krav maga techniques but I will tell you about it in my next post.

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I get easily fascinated with people and places. I am passionately curious. I get often seduced with the beauty of nature. Blue sky, pure water, white snow and endless horizon seams to be enough to make me happy.

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