Krav maga – It hurts!

Krav maga – It hurts!

If someone is telling you that learning any martial art won’t hurt he LIES!

Naturally, if you start thinking about the new skill you probably imagine yourself as a person who already has successfully acquired it. If it comes to martial arts you have no problems to imagine a lovely picture with a combat that you have just won. Yes, you are prepare for an effort but somehow deep inside your head there is this little irritating thought that you’ll become a local hero within a month.

When I started my krav maga training I was prepared for a physical effort but I wasn’t aware that someone will really kick my ass.

The group of krav maga apprentices I have joined is mixed of experienced guys and the beginners. Such a mix is a good opportunity to learn fast. Really fast. Because if you don’t you just get your nose punched. For last couple of weeks my nose was bleeding at least three times, and between two workouts weekly the bruises on my legs and arms have not enough time to heal. Ironically, I’m more and more engaged in my training. Sounds crazy?

Well, maybe it sounds crazy but not insane. Each sport you do is demanding. Let’s think about skiing: if you don’t learn how to fall you will never ski well. Why? Because you will be always afraid to fall. The case of martial arts is only different because what you get is pure pain. To survive it you need to think about two important issues: first, that pain is temporary and it allows you to learn how much pain you are able to cause in a fight to the others. That’s instructive. Second you need to mentally prepare to get hit during the training. This was a real challenge for me: I haven’t thought I’ll be beaten so many times before I acquired the basic self defense skills.

What is really great about krav maga and intensive workout is that increase of your strength, condition and precision is visible. A unique skill to protect yourself from the punch in the nose keeps you smiling for the whole evening. And keeps you going.

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