4 Reasons Why I Hate Brussels

4 Reasons Why I Hate Brussels

There are not many places that I really can’t stand and Brussels is one of them. This is a deep and painful aversion that started from the very first visit in this city. I think I’m not the only one as I know many people who share this deep dislike. I am also aware that there is a considerable group of enthusiasts of this city but this fact might be related to the taste of beer, which I don’t share.

My short description of Brussels would be as follows: dirty and dangerous city, where you meet no locals. The most dramatic changes in this city began when the European Union decided to place there some of the most important offices and brought thousands of new employees from all Member States. It has created a new social class of foreign officials who invaded the city. Together with this new class prices of real estates skyrocketed, just as prices of everyday products did. People who had lived in Brussels for years suddenly discovered that the best idea to earn is to rent their apartments to the officials and leave the city. In a long time perspective the city has emptied of their ordinary inhabitants. And everybody become strangers. Unfortunately, people who work in a variety of the EU institutions are not really interested in taking over the city in terms of ordinary social usage, and so the city had been abandoned. Together with the exodus of the city population and lack of social structure the crime rate has slightly increased. I personally know at least three people who were robbed while living in Brussels. So despite the general image of safe city provided by the local authorities I would recommend to be extremely cautions and avoid certain areas especially during the night.

There is another issue that make the visit in Brussels unpleasant: the feeling of deep social crack. I’m not saying that every single minute you can feel it in the air but the mutual antagonism between the north (Flemish region) and the south (Waloon region) is observable. There is an ongoing political crisis with a threat of the country partition. Leaving the political issues aside it is simply sad that people from this small country with rich history cannot find a proper way to resolve their problems.

My first impression on Brussels comes from more than twenty years ago when I travelled around Europe by car with my parents. There is still a dreadful family story about the rudeness of Belgian drivers and lack of help to the tourists even our car’s plates left no doubt that we were strangers. The impoliteness of the Belgians became mythical. I went to Brussels three times since then and every time I bring home new bunch of dreadful stories about this place.

Once I went there in early December for an interesting conference organized in the European Parliament. I arrived to the airport on Sunday evening and literally everything was closed, including tourist information. There was nobody to ask about the public transportation, timetable or even where the bus stop was. When I finally found it I waited for 45 minutes and the bus has never shown up. Fortunately there was a nice guy waiting for the same bus and after an hour we decided to share the taxi. For me this was most unpleasant and, honestly, unbelievable that in the center of Europe (that’s how they call this city) you feel so helpless and lost.

One of the very few beautiful things in Brussels was Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

Actually, I dislike this city so badly that even if I have couple of hours to change my plane there I stay at the airport instead of visiting the city.

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  • idroodlethis

    Don’t know how long it’s been when you’ve been here but that is really negative and completelly wrong. You seem to hate Brussels because of it being the EU capital or something because I cannot see any other reason in your review for being so negative. You are not actually mentionning things that could support your negativism. First off all the airport isn’t even in Brussels so that’s not really a thing to be negativ about. The social differences between flanders and wallonië also have nothing to do with Brussels, I don’t even know where you got that idea. Brussels is Brussels, Flanders is Flanders and Wallonië is Wallonië. These latter 2 might have some issues but that has nothing to do with the capital region. Also, where did you go? Did you visit Brussels capital region, the city of Brussels or the small communion of Brussels inside the city of Brussels ? Yes, there actually is Brussels inside Brussels inside Brussels.

    So what did you visit actually? To me you sound like Nigel Farrage, blaming things on Belgium (or Brussels in this case) without having an actual statement.

    Is living in Brussels expensive? Yes, renting or buying is expensive but thats the case in every city. There are some places that are cheaper though, you just need to find them.
    You also mention the city being abandoned, I have absolutally no clue where you got that idea.
    I’m starting to wonder where you are from and why you are so negative about Brussels because actually it is a very active and multicultural city.
    Perhaps you came to Brussels a long time ago on a bad moment or something like that. I can understand that you can like or dislike a city but being this negative without some good arguments supporting it seems kinda strange.

    • Hi there,

      thanks for such extensive comment. I visited Brussels like 5 times and have no good memories from this city at all. There was always smth very wrong starting with the weather and ending up with rude people. To give you an example: I went to a cafe with 3 friends and we were asked to leave because we started to play a board game called Carcassonne, which was simply ridiculous. If you know this game you’ll agree with me.
      I know personally few people who were robbed or assaulted or felt threatened therefore I see no reason why I should discuss the positive sides of this city.

      Comparing to my other trips this is not a destination worthy to recommend. Each of tourists, however, can have his/her own opinion. I see no problem with that.

      Have a good evening!

      • idroodlethis

        The weather wasn’t okay? That can happen anywhere anytime. At this moment the whole country is covered in sun and a temperature of 30°C and it will be for the rest of the month. 1 bar asked you to leave because you played a boardgame. I can’t see why one wouldn’t be allowed to play a boardgame in a bar but still, this is only a very small item on your very small list of negativ things.

        “I know personally few people who were robbed or assaulted or felt
        threatened therefore I see no reason why I should discuss the positive
        sides of this city.” So you don’t know a lot of people who were robbed? Or do you mean ‘few people who weren’t robbed’ ? In that case: weird. The touristic area is actually very very safe and it mainly consists of tourists and Belgians that want to go shopping.

        So if I count it up you gave these reasons: 5 times bad weather, I couldn’t play a board game in 1 bar, I know people who have been robbed. I do not want to be direspectfull or something towards you, but don’t those reasons seem a little bit ‘small’ ?

        I’ve those are the reasons you think Brussels is a ‘bad’ city I can only assume you grew up in an almost fairylike country. where people don’t get robbed and it never rains. Perhaps you are Portuguese or Spanish then.

        • Hello,

          This is great that you’re so engaged in this discussion. I think you got the point: comparing to other places I visited or lived in, Brussels made a bad impression on me, and presumably, few other tourists. It’s true I had been living in a country where you leave the door open if going to a shop nearby and that’s the point.

          People don’t want to feel bad on their holiday. They don’t want to be scared. Or worried that because they don’t speak French (I don’t) they can’t get what they ordered. My list of mishaps from Brussels is much longer than this board game in a cafe but there is no point to bore the readers. I just gave few examples of what happened in my case. That’s all.

          All in all, tourists construct their opinion on impressions brought from a place. And mine from Brussels are bad. However, I enjoyed my stay in Leuven.

          Have a good Tuesday!

          • idroodlethis

            I know of only one place where you can leave your doors unlocked when leaving your house: Canada. I think Scandinavian countries are more or less as safe as Canada.
            I’ve been studying in Leuven for 5 years. Nice but not really a city. And if you call it a city then it would be a ‘studentcity’. Nonetheless a nice place.

            You don’t need to speak French in Brussels. As far is I know, everyone can speak English, especially in the touristic area. And if not you could try some other languages. A lot of them speak Flemmish as well (since it is 1 of 2 languages spoken in Brussels) and even German could sometimes be an option.

            I’m so engaged in this discussion because I really like Brussels as a whole, not only the touristic area and even I didn’t grow up in it. I always lived on the edge of Brussels Capital Region and I used to share the opinion of many edge residents that Brussels as a Capital Region was a crappy city full of stealing, robbing, shooting and other criminal activity.

            Then I joined the group of people that realize that the town of Brussels itself (the touristic area) is very nice to be for several reasons but when you step outside that area you get in some sort of ghetto.

            At this point I belong to the group of people that see the capital region as a whole as being a nice place, not only the touristic area. Though like every city has some dark area’s, Brussels has those too but there are only few.

            I’ve been reading through some hints and tips people get from other travellers about avoiding e.g. outside of North & South station. Most of these people only saw negative things like small streets with a lot of muslims and they immediatally define this as dangerous. Or for some reason they just got scared at night because they didn’t knew where they were or something. That gives a troubled view of things.

            I’ve been to many so called ‘dangerous areas’ or communities labeled as ‘the most dangerous places in Belgium’ which I didn’t visit as a tourist but for other reasons and I never felt threatened or scared in any of these places.

            This turns out as a good discussion it seems!

            To give my own opinion on something: I went to Manhattan for a week and visited almost everything on foot from the lower part of central park to downtown Manhattan. Visiting every neighbourhood there was. People were very rude, the lower class being very unhappy having to work a lot for few bucks, everything you eat is fat and finding a good supermarket seemed impossible, it rained almost everyday, our hotel was crappy, the city as a whole was very overrated (e.g. the city that never sleeps does actually go to sleep every night), Times Square was overrated, Macy’s was to crowded, the city is very expensive,…

            but considering this I still would want to go back because it also has a lot of positive things to offer but you just need to push the negative thoughts aside.

            I can’t believe you didn’t mention the ‘Marché aux fromages’ being cosy e.g. Just the smell of it makes you wan to sit down in this small street and just linger there for a while. Just an idea that popped in my head. ;)

            Happy thursday to you too!

          • There might be also smth with high expectations. People would expect really high standards in services, transportation and touristic attraction from a city that calls itself Capital of Europe. Sort of ‘good example’, I think.

          • idroodlethis

            I see what you mean. We aren’t calling ourselves the capital of Europe. You’ll never find a local who’ll say he lives in the capital of Europe. The only reason we are the capital of Europe is because of the EU buildings.

            Transportation in Brussels is very good. If you want you can walk throug hthe touristic area but if you want to see some other stuff (lets say the Atomium) you could easily take busses, trams or metros.
            When it comes to touristic attractions: Brussels has few ‘OMG look at that!!!!’ attractions but appearantly most people who visit Brussels is because of the classic architecture that e.g. the US doesn’t have. When in Brussels, people should enjoy the small things. I guess you could compare Brussels trouristic area to a small town with its own characteristics. Even I sometimes wonder why there are so many groups of tourists that only visit Brussels when in Belgium(like chinese people and americans) but it probably has a reason because the city is full of it. To me it looks more logical when people from neighbouring countries would visit the city when looking for a trip on which you can see some things, go shopping, go out eating,…
            I think a lot of people would appreciate the captital region as a whole a lot more if they knew it a lot better. Every town within the capital has its own things to offer, you just need to find them and when you know all those places, you’ll see how it makes up a nice puzzle of things to do here. :) Offering probably a lot more than when just visiting the touristic area.

          • Yeah, got the point. This is true that some people would get impressed with original old buildings in the city center, especially tourists from the New World. I hate the organized guided tours, though, because this is not the way you see the real world. Watching few old buildings and having beer on the main square is not something I would called traveling at all. But some people do.
            BTW the Atomium was so disappointing! Maybe I expected too much. After all it was modern when it was constructed, wasn’t it? It looks nice from a distance, though, to be fair;-)

          • Nettah

            I almost spluttered and spat out my coffee when I read “Transportation in Brussels is very good” Really?
            I guess you haven’t lived in many other European capitals that enjoy proper public transport. STIB is a joke. I do think Belgians could do with being a little less provincial and more open to criticism every now and then.

          • Steve Chan

            You are fighting a losing battle, just acknowledge the mistakes and correct the wrong. Your attitude will not help Brussels improve as a city at all.

          • Zackary Konopelski

            Howdy! This article couldnÂ’t be written much better! Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I am going to forward this information to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

          • dirty

            oh yea, Im familiar with how they speak english. Especially when I had to take out the residence permit , work permit etc!! Then they tell you in perfect English “U know this is Belgium, bring a TRANSLATOR” and Im very well familiar with how you react to any form of criticism or any negative comment. = “GO back where you came from”! “We dont need you”!. Ppl are just racist robots in Belgium which take everything for granted what is served to them from the Government. they have no any scepticism or anything. probably thats why is so damn boring and dull and grey there. Now I deeply regret for spending 1 year already here instead of going to another country

      • alexb

        I really don’t think that belgians are rude of.anything just take the example of my university. We organise all kind of things for all the erasmus people here like going.out exchanges with foreign languages and after their stay I never never heard what you say. But indeed you don’t live here so you cannot know. You miss all the rest of.Brussels life all the theaters the area of.university so wonderful everyday and you never bore you there. So I conclude that you only know the center. For us the people of Brussels it’s not the entire.Brussels it’s not as.good picture of it

      • Jennifer

        Are you American?

        • gaby

          If you go
          to a country where English is not the official country, then expect that people
          dont speak English. I honestly do not see why they should. Frankly, the problem
          with the city is the people that settle in it and just spend the whole
          freaking day complaining about the city – most of them come to work to the
          European Institutions for a couple of years and do not give a crap of the city
          they live in. It’s true that Brussels is not as convenient as London or other
          big cities in Europe, but it has good things that other European cities have
          lost . You can still go to a brasserie (owned by a family, not part of a
          multinational branch) and be able to spend the whole afternoon chatting with
          people about the most surreal things in the world. There are a trillion billion
          associations that organise workshops, talks, activities. The city has nice
          architecture, and for its size, good museums. The authorities promote the arts
          and culture and they organise loads of festivals and events. If what you are
          looking for is a corporate, one-size-fits all city, then probably you are not
          in the right place. With this, I am not saying that Brussels does not have a
          lot of things to improve on, but some of the comments written here were really
          narrow minded and prejudiced and I also felt they were unfair. For every
          rude person, you will find a charming person, like in any other city you go to.
          The comments on the Belgian people were particularly unfortunate. I have met
          really open, surreal and creative individuals in this city. cheers.

          • goodbuybrussels

            such as brussels natives like to answer all these positive things you named are even better organised and realised in other cities but the brussels resistence against any kind of realistic criticism and the predominant brussels solutions for the unacceptable infrastructure, criminality, insufficienty and rudeness are harder to find somewhere else (obviously also in other parts of belgium) – and please don’t forget brussels is not a big city!! it shouldn’t be so messy, expensive and hard to organise but the double compromis is obviously more important for the belgian identity than change or take Input by other (very close) city models with a better working society and structure (sorry but you can’t compare a north/central european city with athens or rome trashwise or mentalitywise at least there the people have a more balanced out mood and you would have a positive social balance in your everyday life. the problem here in brussels is that it has the southern messy structure and trashproblem but the northern mentality of the ever-present superior thinking society which it doesn’t earn and if you are not aware of any problems there won’t be any change. so i will take the advice of one of brussels pre-commentors and will say au revoir or better not – and leave before i think like a bruxellois and do forget that there are indeed more efficient places and more enjoyable cities. and let me tell you this after 5 years here for every nice person in brussels i met 10 socially handicapped igorant people and of course i am not talking about people i privately met in social cometogethers or over friends no one is doubting or talking about that, iam talking about the people in shops constantly closing before closing time and smoking in front of the drug store entrance while you are waiting your free evening in line and Restaurant staff who are just snobby students and not professional educated service staff and would ask you to even thank them to take your order, barmen and women who are all together at the same time cleaning the bar rather than making eyecontact with a guest, the aggressive cardrivers running over you on the bike or Walking around from the side and behind and then even blaming you for not having eyes on the back of your head and then the police men who technically would should see you as accident victim but still rolling their eyes because they do the same as all the other omnipotent cardrivers in brussels – be empathic with just them, your landlord your neighbours who are walking the dog in front of your doorstep. iam not a eurocrate but i wouldn’t blame them for being ignorant that is almost assimilating to the brussels native character – and they didn’t decide to make brussels the city of europe brussels did – and it is the government’s fault if the surplus money doesn’t get to the brussels habitant to make him and her more relaxed about the pseudo cosmopolitic situation. it is a living next to each other rather than with each other and the romantic title cosmopolitan doesn’t fit quite i would say. why should the eurocrats better brussels situation they get ther commission salary and can leave aftter a while – the brussels natives should have the Motivation to question brussels and ultimately make i a better place to live – but well there is always a place worse iam sure it is even more dangerous to live in kinshasa and acapulco third world cities in need to exist just that brussels seem nicer in comparison indulge the brussels charme!

  • dirty

    you’re right Id be more critical. I’ve spent 1 year here its absolute hell.
    Its way too dirty for me, and I come from the Balkans. Its loaded with radical Islamists. Its ugly, grey, spiritless, boring! Weather is the worst Ive ever seen in my life, there is no summer I think they dont know what is summer, autumn, spring, since here is always autumn! I wonder is it like this in the UK?
    People are such racists thats unbeleivable.especially in Gemente or whenever you have to do something official. Or they pretend they dont understand u and are terribly rude. Its everything but Europe! I feel 100times more European in my underrated country than in OVERRATED belgium. Its not even inhabited by europeans.

    Ha! And Oprah felt “racism” in Switzerland, when they didnt sell her 35000$ bag, here they didnt wanna sell me SIM card, because I dont speak french! Its the country and City with the biggest number of maniacs and weirdos I have ever seen in my life and I lived in the US as well. I do not recommend it to anyone! And is tragic that they tell you how “Sooner or later , everyone will want to live in Belgium” , because you know “We are so rich”.

    • THX for sharing your thoughts here. The part on seasons and rain is similar to my observation. Just as I wrote in my post: I visited this country at least 5 times and the weather was never good.

      • dirty

        I think I’m not gonna be coming to Brussels ever, anymore. They have to do some considerable big work if they want to change anything, but they like it how it is.,unfortunately. So I’m gone. I agree with all you wrote

      • A guy living in Brussels.

        Even if I do agree with you about the dirtyness of Brussels and the certainty of shitty transports around the city. I must disagree with several points.

        It is not a dangerous city, except some places and this is the case in MOST of european capitals.

        You can find Cheap flats or else, (personnaly 830 euros for a three people flat doesn’t seem expensive to me, but I must agree that I have no idea what are the prices in other capitals in Europe).

        I know a lot of students from all around the world living now in Brussels and no one (excepts the rich and posh people) find it bad, dangerous, crappy, etc.

        About your silly board game story, I know places where there are to your disposition board games for free, so I don’t know where you went but you probably went to a posh area or café, maybe you should search a little bit further.

        The linguistical problem in the country is true but you can’t feel it in Brussels, even more if you’re a foreigner or a tourist. Trust me, I have had friends from abroad and they had find really nice people to help them during their trip.

        You complain about the fact that if you don’t speak french, it’s a problem… You called Brussels yourself the center of European Union… Do you really think that not knowing french is a problem ? Of course if you went to the China street or to the arabic part of the city, I can understand that less people are able to speak english, however it is not even quite true.

        Oh and to finish… The weather… The weather ? Do you seriously despise Brussels for the weather ?… Try England or Ireland first ! Believe me I know what I am talking about.

        My view about you is : Someone coming from a country with hot weather, not a lot of rain. Coming from a really nice part of his city, a family really wealthy and never had any worries in his life.


        I always leave the door open when I leave my house !!!

  • Lynn Christiansen

    You have made some really good points there. I looked on the net for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.

  • me

    The same opinion have most of the students I spoke with here. i can’t wait to finally leave this place. Its not even a real country.Housing is just terible and under any european standards, as well as hygiene. I dont beleive this is Europe. Im goin back to belgrade thanx god, and i thought its dirty there, until I’ve seen this!!!
    I wouldn’t recommend this awful city to anyone!

    • Jennifer

      What do you mean, it is “not even a real country”?
      Judgemental, racist b****!

  • Bryan Lammens

    you said in your text: …but the mutual antagonism between the south (Flemish region) and the north (Waloon region) is observable. You are wrong, it’s the complete opposite, the south is Waloonia and the north is Flanders, and Région de Bruxelles Capitale in the middle.

    I’m from Brussels so let me tell you what is wrong here :

    – The urban infrastructure, especially in and around train or underground stations is dirty and not well kept, for the Capital of the EU this is unacceptable.
    – On Sundays a lot of shops are closed, and also, unfortunately Info center in Stations and Airport, this is also unacceptable.

    Brussels is dangerous, unsafe…?

    I do not think for a minute Brussels is a dangerous city, in big citties there will always be crime.

    Unsafe? I have never had problems, I like it here, it’s cosmopolitan and if you go to the right places, you won’t have to spend that much on food, rent, etc…

    The last thing I wanna say is that if you don’t like Brussels, just fucking stay in your fairy country, because I can see why it’s unsafe for imbeciles like you, i personnaly would slap the leather off your face for being that dumb.

    • Nettah

      As a foreigner living in Brussels, I have to say that a lot of what is written in the article is sadly very true. Of course, the writer cannot form a full and accurate impression after only a few visits but sometimes it is very helpful to see how others see us so that we can improve. I must say honestly that your reaction is sadly very typical of many Belgians and Brussels residents, who refuse to see the reality of their city and react angrily to foreigners or visitors who simply recount their honest opinions.
      I’m sorry to tell you that the writer does not come from a fairy country. In fact, it is Belgium that is unusual. Many things that are taken as normal here would simply be unacceptable in most other developed countries.

    • Matt

      You couldn’t give a better advertisment Bryan. I hope more people will completely forgot this borring city in the middle of nowhere.

    • Nishi Hundan

      You sound like a chicken shit pussy. I’d love to meet you one day and dare you to say something to me.

    • Jaime Roberto

      And yup, you confirm why we will not ever again visit this shit hole of a city, no thanks!

  • Eclat

    Visited Brussels for a day. Glad to get out. Never felt so much disappointment in a city & this is coming from someone who lives next to Stoke-on-Trent. It’s a shame as it does seem that its the outsiders that have ruined it.

    • Jaime Roberto

      I am trenched in my hotel next to gare du midi just counting down the hours for my train to take me out of this hell hole, I am from Mexico and find this “first world country” way worse than my “third world country”

  • traveller

    I just visited Brussels and my advice is to avoid eating near the Grand Place because it is a rip-off (What you order is not necessarily what will be brought to you and what you will be asked to pay is not according to the catalogue!) Be aware of where you are going to eat unless it has been recommended by someone you trust!

    I shouldn’t forget to mention that we got stolen at an italian restaurant on Rue Gretry 69 where each of our 3 pizzas cost 20 euros on the catalogue but it was charged 24 euros on the small piece of paper that was given to us when we asked for the bill. They refused to give us an official bill although we asked them to do so! The next day I told the police but they advised me that I should have called them immediately after the incident on 101, admitting that these things happen very often to tourists in Brussels.

    The taxis are expensive. One way trip from the International Airport of Brussels to the centre (Next to Gare Central) costs around 48 euros! We took the taxi at around 22.30 and there was no traffic. According to the comments I had read before taking the taxi, I was expecting to be around 32 euros but it was much more, so be prepared for that!

    Did I mention that when our flight landed in Brussels at 22.00 every single shop at the airport was closed (even the duty free shops!) and the whole place looked completely empty?

    Rudeness…This is something you will have to deal with a lot of people in Brussels. Almost everyone we met was more or less rude, except for the staff at our hotel which was kind (maybe because our room cost a fortune and the hotel belonged to a prestigious chain of hotels). I want to be fair so I will also mention that the service in one restaurant with nice belgian food, near the Bourse, was very good and helpful.

    There are some very nice spots in the city to explore and the Grand Place is one of them (just don’t eat there!) The manneken piss is definitely not one of them, so don’t worry if you don’t manage to find it! Also a lot of churches worth visiting if you like that kind of buildings.

    A lot of people complain about Brussels being a dirty city…Well that is true! We were standing right outside the Galeries Royales Saint-Huber and there was a huge pile of trash sacks! Not very “royal”… Some people say that trash and dirt is normal if you live in a big city but I do not agree because I also live in a big city and this is not always the case.

    Moreover not every big city is expensive and Brussels is expensive when it comes for example to hotels or food…22 euros for a small lettuce salad with 3 pieces of salmon in a kitscy restaurant! 5 euros for a Cola light 250ml! Are you kidding me? The price of the beer and coffee was not expensive, though.

    Although most of the subway stations were under construction, they were still functional. Almost all of them had nice pop/dance music playing from the speakers which is something we really liked! Also the trains in the subway were frequent and it was not too difficult to move around. However, some places in the subway network look scary and there were not escalators in a lot of stations so be prepared to climb staircases!

    All in all, I do not regret visiting Brussels but it is definitely not my No 1 destination! I believe that when it comes to Brussels, people have a tendency to expect glamorous things, because of all this “Capital of Europe” thing which I am sure that the locals don’t even care about! Lower your expectations on the glam, book a hotel with a good ratio of price/services, avoid eating in touristic places and you will enjoy your trip!

    • Thank you for such detailed information. Have a safe travel!

  • Jason

    I completely agree with Null&Full on this story, and I probably hate it even more. I’m actually a foreigner, 23, who grew up near Brussels and have travelled widely around Europe and the world. It is, indeed, the biggest dump of a city I’ve ever been in in my whole life, ever. It’s always wet and depressing, with a bunch of insane Moroccan (and others) maniacs who are obviously very frustrated with their shitty life in shitty Brussels. 3 days ago I was in Brussels for christmas and I dislocated my shoulder in a fight with these frustrated bastards.
    I’ve seen more crime in this city than any other city I’ve been to, rich or poor. The subway system is a complete dump, police outside on the streets don’t really do anything, and people are indeed as rude as can be. The only people who think Brussels is alright are narrow-minded Belgians who have never really travelled, because that’s not really what they do, even if they do have the money for it.
    Anyway it’s an incredibly sad and depressing city, and whatever you do in life, AVOID walking around in the Brussels center on friday after midnight! It’s a dirty shithole with frustrated Moroccans who don’t speak any languages whatsoever so there’s no way of talking yourself out of things.
    Don’t do it! Go to Amsterdam or Paris, NOT BRUSSELS!

    • Thanks Jason for taking your time to comment on my post. Appreciate it!
      (and I fully agree with Paris, which is ALWAYS a good idea!)

    • Jennifer


    • Michael

      Haha, I know quite some people from Ghent who moved to Brussels and love the city. They do travel a lot and are not narrow minded at all. Everyone i know travels a lot!
      But why I should react on such ridiculous post. Yes, Brussels is not a hugeable clean city that’s true, and there is indeed a safety problem. But people here comparing Paris and Amsterdam as much much better. Indeed those cities have a more appealing overall cityscape. But you also a lot of crime, migrants pissing in the subway corridors, gipsies scamming off tourists everywhere, if they’re not pushing tourists on places like Place de la Concorde. I was shocked when I saw this. Tourists where afraid and intimitaded, nobody intervened until i started to take pictures of them, then they started to spit in me. This is a few 100 metres from the Presidents residence and shows where they sell watches, juwelery or clothes for prices with 4 zero’s.
      No, really, for security and migrant problems, Paris is very comparable to Brussels.

      • glenny oc

        Europe was great until the last 20 years now it’s just become overpopulated and dangerous.

      • MartinAlaskan

        Paris is far better than Brussels, that’s where we go to get away from Brussels. For starters, Paris has a real river running through it and not an open sewer like we have here in Brussels, and the list of why Paris is FAR better than Brussels goes on from there.

    • Steve Chan

      Agree wih what you said, but I am not a fan of paris either. The depressing and grim architecture holds no appeal for me. Also there are many immigrants ..

      • glenny oc

        Most if western Europe is the same, go to the former eastern block or to Russia to get a taste of old Europe.

  • sp

    Hi, i’m flemish and i’m very sad about these comments :( please don’t say EVERY Belgian is racist and rude. If you go to Belgium , go to les ardennes , Bruges , leuven (hometown) ,Ghent , Liege , or Antwerp. All those cities have a strong cultural background !

    cheers !

    • Sibil

      I think the discussion is about Brussels not Belgium in general. And it’s not about being racist – but simply rude. It’s of course a generalization and a stereotype – but shared by certain amount of tourists/foreigners…

      • sp

        May be true. In a big city you have all kinds of people tho , many of them are frustrated because of their simple life. I’m talking about the lower class of people , who simply work and go to the pub every day… When i hear people talking about danger in Brussels … Well , you just got to stay on the right path.

      • glenny oc

        Forget racism you just can’t find a mix in some quartets as it’s just non Belgian indigenous at all

    • Newt

      Tourists wants to see the capital of EU, not a countryside.

    • glenny oc

      How long before they become like Brussels. I went to Brussels for a day and won’t go back. Best to go to Holland and do the day trip to brugge.

  • nardo

    I visited Brussels back in Jan 2012 and sad
    To say I almost lost my life there. The moment I arrived with friends I had a bad feeling, streets are full of muslims and not belgians. We left a bar by 2 am walking to our hotel and speaking to each other in english, this happened to upset a muslim man and charged us with a knife slashing my face and seriously puncturing my femoral artery. Lucky to be alive, stay away

    • Steve Chan

      30% of the city population is Muslim, Brussels is crawling with foreignEU bureaucrats and muslims on welfare – NO LOCALS

      The worst city on earth!!

    • MartinAlaskan

      That’s exactly what my EU working wife worries about happening to me. I get involved when I see Muslims attacking the innocent and my wife worries about me getting knifed for getting involved.

  • nardo

    The police in Brussels does not know what to do as I was told by the officers at the hospital and to their own account most of the time they have to let the criminals go in fear that the immigrant community may start to riot. By the way I am not racist nor white but in Belgium if you look like a tourist you will have problems, if your girlfriend is a blond or does not wear a muslim veil she will be harrassed and assaulted.

  • waldo

    You’re kind of annoying.

  • MRico

    Check out my Tumblr documenting Brussels’ garbage problems http://thestreetsofbrusselsaredirty.tumblr.com/

  • rabanete

    I will not comment on the city, but on the people itself. Brussel’s people _ or should I say Belgians? _ are the greediest, most disgusting people I have ever met in my life!!!

    • Jennifer


  • alexb

    I believe that you are talking about Brussels city center and not the big Brussels because I totally don’t recognise the Brussels you’re describing… I live here and find my life beautiful Brussels is a very green capital and I live like in the countryside but 10min with the metro from city center, is this possible in an another capital ? Anyway I recognise the city center in.your comments but I find it similar to the marais of Paris which can be awful full of people annoying girls in the streets. Anyway try to not judge too fast because Brussels is not only.the center there are a lot of little villages with rich ambiances also.

  • Manon

    Ok ok calm down. That’s true, Brussels isn’t the best place of the world. There is a LOT of foreigners living there and it still annoys us. BUT Brussels isn’t more dangerous than any other cities (I swear, I’ve already travelled to a lot of places around the world).
    Then it’s true that Belgian people aren’t really friendly at first. But if you go to Wallonia or Flanders, you’ll see. You’ll be amazed by the difference between Brussels and the rest of the country.
    We are friendly, open minded and so on. :) We like to talk with foreigners and tourists.
    Personally, I would even share a beer with them. (Yeap as you may understood I’m Belgian)
    I don’t know where you’ve been in Belgium (I know that you’re talking about Brussels) but come visiting other cities, you won’t be upset. :)

    • It would be cool to visit the belgian province in order to change my mind. While I totally believe that there are hundreds of nice and open minded Belgians my experience was somehow different. Bad luck, perhaps. Everything what I wrote in this post happened for real! And – most of all – I agree re the difference between capital and province and I think it is pretty true for many other countries.

  • Mihail Iliev

    Look, Brussels as a city is not that bad. There is some nice green areas, like Bois de la Cambre, there’s also nice restaurants and cafes and bars. It’s just that those are off the tourists’ track.

    But still… I, too, dislike Brussels because I find this pervasive sense of not-belonging-to-anything. It all seems faceless, by-the-way, uninteresting, uninterested, uninspiring and uninspired, bland, who-gives-a-shit, let’s-pretentd-we-are-cool-even-if-we-are-just-nothing, mediocre, mediocrity, mediocrity-that-tries-to-look-special, mediocrity-that-tries-to-be-cool, dull-administrative-spirit-putting-on-airs, pretence, ego-inflatedness, hot-air, insincerity, standoffishness, nothingness, degeneration of the mind and senses, superficiality…

    I know I am harsh, I know I am subjective, I know it is not all about those negative things I just wrote… And yet, sadly, it is a lot about that. And that is something that we all who live in Brussels do and contribute to.

    • Steve Chan

      I agree with most of your comment. Brussels as a city is not very welcoming, the roads are too wide, too much traffic, and the pavements are so narrow and small, with lots of dos shit lying around…which it makes the city totally unwalkable and difficult to navigate. There is also an unwelcoming vibe in the air which i cannot describe.

      The shops are very sporadic, and most seem uninteresting (maybe because I don’t speak French or Dutch)

      I have visited Antwerp and Brugge, which are far more accessible and likable, but still I cannot say Belgium is on top of my list of places I have visited.

      There is a reason why Belgium is widely believed to be one of the most boring countries on earth.

  • alex pieri

    brussells is tidy and clean, in comparison with many other european cities. have you ever visited rome? or bucharest? or athens?

    • Butch

      Have you never seen Brussels on trash day? It’s 3rd world. Plastic bags of trash piled all along the sidewalks, quite often broken with trash strewn everywhere. I’ve been many cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas and Brussels is one of the dirtiest.

    • Gia

      You cannot compare Brussels with Bucharest or Rome. Brussels is very dirty, full with rude people. People are literally spitting every where. I had such a bad experience. I will never come back.

  • ew

    absolutely 200% agree: just spent a day in brussels after my 2 week long euro-trip and DEEPLY, HUGELY regret making it our last destination. got pickpocketed literally within an hour upon arrival. but whether or not that happened, the phrase “the lights are on but noone’s in the house” fits the city — all i could say was just a huge feeling of void, emptiness, no heart to the city… walking back to our hotel cutting through the park, on the streets near “big” roads, i felt like the it was a city one after post-apocolypse — legit afraid someone was going to jump us. yes i’m probably the biggest fan of chocolate and yes waffles and beer were pretty good but even so, NEVER. going. back. worst memory of a “trip” ever.

    • ew

      forgot to mention, if you take into consideration how i found this site, how and why i even went the extent to googling “i hate brussels”… it’s pretty much self-explanatory. yes it was that bad.

      • Jaime Roberto

        Sadly I found it the
        Same way: googling “Brussels is ugly”

  • @hikerciser

    I think you need to go on one of Wendy’s tours Agata, so I’ve sent her a copy of this post!

  • Globetrotter

    What you are saying about Brussels is common to all cities these days…its called globalization…people moving around the world for jobs and opportunities so new people move in and locals move on…no one likes living in cities anymore..given a choice they wud all live by the seaside or around mountains where life is easier and more fun…sadly not all can afford to do this…people also like to travel so those who own properties rent them out and travel. I dont think brussels is as bad as paris or london or new york…its a slower city and a much easier city yet a very complete city…housing in brussels is not as bad , ugly or overpriced as London….brussels has all the culture u need..and ease of travel to other parts of europe …i think its a nice decent city,,,there are much worse places in the world…its sad to see so many people bored in belgium …everywhere has its problems how can anyone living in europe even complain at all? They have the highest human rights and quality of life anyways….and poverty in europe is a joke compared to poverty un third world countries…open your eyes and wake up.

    • Juan Castillo

      If it would be true – then all big cities would have similar problems – but it’s not like that. Even if there are a lot of similarities in all European capitals (comparing ie. to US or Asia), there are major difference which makes some cities more pleasant to live or visit. Brussels for the reasons mentioned above and below is one of the worst places to live in Europe.

    • Jaime Roberto

      Trust me, the disaster and run down mess here in Brussels is way worse than some cities in my country which is Mexico and considered a third world country… Actually some cities like Monterrey are totally first world compared to this crap of city…

    • Chalet N

      You must have very, very, low standards. Brussels is a dump, plain and simple. You can try to convince people that dog sh*t is lovely, but no, I don’t agree. What you think is lovely and what others think is lovely apparently is very different. Sh*thole country sums it up.

  • Bluesky

    Just spoke with my son who visited brussels yesterday, he and his girl found hotel with a sign in the room advising not to leave valubles. He was concerned for their safety having been followed and shouted at , his view of the part of the city he was in was that it had a dark undercurrent comparable with some of the worst run down areas of London or Dublin. He also commented on rudeness of local people.

    That said he also visited Gent (to where He has now returned) which he has found to be very freindly and a place he would highly recommend.

  • M.

    Dear Null&Full,

    I’m sorry but I have to ask: how you can be so sure of the fact that Brussels is one of the worst places to live in Europe? If I read your text correctely, it seems to me that you did not actually live there. Maybe just passed through for a short periode. I’m sorry but I don’t think you have enough experience of how it is to live in Brussels to claim the things you’re saying. In fact, it sounds a bit superficial, rude and intolerate… Also: the facts that you sum up (f.e. the “deep social crack”) are actually incorrect. Most french and flemish speaking people in the city really don’t care about what is in fact mostly politic hassle and discussion, caused by a way to complex political system. In my group of friends (for example, there are many others) we speak French, Flemisch, English, Arabic, Spanish,… (clearly not all fluentely :) but so many people in Brussels are the living proof that different cultural backgrounds and languages can go together. Unfortunately we have some federal politicians who want to keep the idea of intolerance so high… This creates a lot of pain, shame about your background, the feeling with some of the youth that they are simply not good enough… It’s hurting our city and country, but, keeping an open attitude, people in Brussels try to erase those negative clichés.

    I don’t want to offend you, but it looks like you don’t really have a solid idea what you’re talking about… First: get your political facts straight, Then: try to really learn about and from locals (believe me, they like to talk once set cosy in a nice Brussels bar), hear what they say about living/political and economic situations, about nothing and everything and let them listen to you. And please, if you go to Brussels, do not only stay in the European Parlement area…… Go to the real hearts of the city and it’s important organs. I speek in plurials because all areas have their own unique center which is amazing as you can stroll to so many different aspects/spirits/urban life in one city! Discover on your own. And like so many other places, don’t just follow the tourist tracks (I learned to get to know a city more real when strolling around to observate. It helped me to get to meet locals and end up with nice tips!)

    We are multicultural, we love it, and this is our ‘couleur local’ (local color). Yes, I’m born and raised in Brussels. And it’s a city where you can laugh together with or have a deep conversation in the street with strangers, where each neighbourhood has a vibrating atmosphere just like in a small town, where you can get to know your neighbours and depend on them.

    But, you are right about a darker side. It is a city that has been through a lot, that has to deal with racisme and hatred every day. Mostly (but ofcourse not only!) coming from people outside of Brussels. And we have developed a sense to remark when someone (where ever they come from) dispites us based on appearance and it can be really hurting. This evokes an antisocial attitude and this is where trouble can come from. Remember that please and stay open, do not go around generally convicting people or cultures. And like someone said before me: keep in mind that in every capitalcity in this world, you’ll find crime. Like in every capital, there are streets in Brussels that you have to watch out a bit more at night.

    And as I traveled, I know that in every city tourists are a more easy target for pickpockets and other crimes, no matter where you are. So inform you (internet! local blogs, common sense) before you take a trip (I always do that). I have never been robbed in Brussels and lived here my whole live, but I did get robbed in other cities in Europe and other parts in the world. This obviously does not only happen in Brussels, and if you look in to facts, we do not have the highest crimerate :)
    I love to go to other places, but I will allways love Brussels, even though I know it’s not perfect. But honestly, I do not think that the people we love in live our perfect, I don’t think we or anyone is perfect, but we would still like someone to love/like us anyway, is it not?

    Brussels is a city for and from people who want to enjoy live, even if the personal situation is bad. Don’t get me wrong, like I said, the city is far from perfect and you will find people who do not share your ideas or morals (as everywhere in the world). But thanks to differences you can see the strengths. Because of all the different cultural backgrounds throughout history and in the present, most people in Brussels try to have an open mind and real interest in each other, and cultures can get mixed beautifully. I think that really getting to know Brussels and people who live here, and see behind these every bigcity-problems can be eye-opening (also for other belgian people who have not truly experienced their capital. To those I want to say that racisme and prejudice are society’s and humanity’s cancer. It feeds internal conflicts and gets an aversed effect. Solidarity is an ancient term used in all cultures, but is still of high meaning today and in future times :) First we are a nation of people, borders and countries shifted and became after that. Belgium especially is formed in a not so long ago past out of many different countries in conflict. Personally I am secretly proud of this. It can be seen as an advantage that enriches us since we’re formed out of a patchwork of cultures and backgrounds).

    Dear Null&Full, in the future please: don’t go generalizing. Everytime we generalize, we hurt a group of people who don’t deserve negative judgements. Please consider before you talk about hate and dispite…

    Have a nice rest of your day! I hope you don’t feel offended by my answer since that is far from my intention :)


    • Tin Hau

      Please read all the other comments here. This is how foreigners sees your city. The only ones that are happy and love it are the locals. And that’s OK as long as you don’t want tourists at all.
      Frankly I think it’s quite fare to to love or hate a place based on a short visit. You can always disagree – but apparently lots of people do agree.

    • not an eurocrat

      Again a good example for a Brussels local unable for criticism and unable of distancing oneself from your hometown mentality…
      Dear M. I am living here for years (and have lived in other European capitals), am married to a Brussels native, have almost exclusively to do with native Belgians (not to speak of my inlaw Family) and still find it one of the most difficult places to live. You may be used to the way Brussels work, you grew up with the Tools that it is like it is and that would be one reason why you never will have the same perception other Outsiders have…and good for you that you find all these positive stereotype keywords like “multiculti” and “creative mess” not just a Propaganda Illusion to cover up the real Problems, but accept that your reality of how things work and are acceptable in Brussels might not at all be the same reality for others especially the outside gaze could help you to undestand your own hometown better but please continue to indulge your narrow but obviously quite working world

    • Jaime Roberto

      Right now I am I the Brussels ibis midi gare hotel after trying to “tour” your city… What a shitty place!!! Trash, graffiti, dog poop and crap everywhere!!

      I am from Mexico and they always tell us how “first world” all of Europe is… But hell no, Brussels is worse than the poorest city in Mexico, never in my entire European trip have I felt as unsafe as in the streets of Brussels…

      I actually am happily under my sheets I my hotel room just waiting to board my train to Amsterdam tomorrow, I will never visit this hell hole in my life ever again…

      • MartinAlaskan

        Midi? On the bright side, you aren’t in Molenbeek.

  • Mike

    I agree with him, Brussels is a dump, I was mugged twice in one month.. From Dublin here..never have I experienced such a bad..dirty..dangerous capital city in Europe (I have lived in France and Germany) Especially bad on the French speaking side, over-run with Arabs..and local people are ignorant and rude..Police were soo disgusting and unhelpful when I reported my muggings… Sh*t hole…

    • Ignazio Di Salvo

      Living and working here since 5 years already and I confirm how most of the locals can be very rude, ignorant and anti social. Belgium is a nice place over all, but Brussels is total crap. Sorry.

  • jo

    Spent a few days in Brussels last summer. Wasn’t really that bad. You’ll find better and worse places in every corner of the world. Brussels is not an exception. The weather was fine. One surprise was that in many parts of the city it felt more like Middle East than Europe.
    Elsewhere on your site I read that you were fond of Art Nouveau. Well, in that regard Brussels is a treasure pot! But to see it you must do some extensive walking. Have you tried it?

    • Hi Jo, thanks for your comment. Indeed, Art Nouveau is something that I missed in Brussels. Perhaps I should have focused on this to get a totally different picture of this city. What is your favourite spot in Brussels? Any advice on the itinerary?

  • Annie

    Hi everyone.

    I grew up on the outskirts of Brussels, and whilst it is not a
    perfect capital, I can say from experience that it’s not as bad as people here
    seem to be making out. Yes, it has some issues, but doesn’t everywhere have an
    issue of some sort? There are certainly areas where it would be advisable to
    stay clear from, but again there are those type of areas in all cities. I am
    originally from the UK and as I lived on the boundary between Flanders,
    Wallonia and Brussels for 13 years, I think I can say I experienced all three
    quite well. Personally, I did prefer Flanders to the other too – I felt the
    locals were slightly more open to foreigners there, but I found it okay in all
    three regions.

    One thing you have to understand about Belgians is that they greatly appriciate tourists
    trying to speak in the local language. It doesn’t have to be anything
    complicated: Just hello, please and thank you will do. You will find that,
    especially in Flanders, if try to say ‘hello, could you tell me where … is
    please’ in Flemish, the locals won’t mind if it’s full of mistakes and will
    gladly speak english to you. If, on the other hand you assume the locals will
    just speak English to you and don’t even try to speak any of the local
    language, they will get quite unhappy. I think it’s understandable: You’re in
    their country, trying to make contact with them, but you can’t be bothered to
    even try to speak their language. Why should they make the effort to speak to
    you in a language that isn’t theirs then? Isn’t it up to you to do the hard work?

    The other frustration a lot of people seem to be talking about
    is everything being closed on Sundays. This is true, but I actually think
    it’s nice that there is one day a week where you can get away from commercialisation
    and take a moment just to breathe. It also means that Sundays are days when
    there is a lot of other things going on: Belgian kids will usually be part of
    some sort of group, whether it be scouts, sport or some other hobby that meats
    on Sundays. Family gatherings take place, car boot sales, markets, church… The
    list just goes on and on. Yes, it does ask for some forward thinking and it can
    be a nuisance, but I think that on the hole, if you are visiting a country,
    whichever one it may be, it is up too you do make any adjustments needed and
    not count on the locals doing that for you. Surely it’s the whole point of
    visiting somewhere: learning about and living with the local traditions?

    • Andrew

      Most of the things you have written is true, but only if you have a lot of time and you tend to spend few months/years in a certain place. However, there are times that you don’t have enough time to melt into the local culture – you just want to be a simple tourist. Go to a bar, have fun with friends. This is what you usually do in big European cities. I must agree with the author of the post – Brussels is one of the most unfriendly among them.

    • Newt

      If I´m a tourist and I´m just passing through and staying for a week or just waiting two hours for a plain, I beg your pardon I won´t learn any of that language. And as they are something like a capital of the EU they are not supposed to expect that. They are supposed to act like that.
      I´m from the Czech republic and none of our people expect from a tourist to speak our language a word. And something more, we also have some issues criminals sure, who doesn´t, but at the bright day, in front of cameras? And what happened to using waste bins is that way too much?I´we seen some pictures of the streets and I though it is from some a war zone and no it was Brussel. What do you say about this?

  • Bruno

    I hate Brussels. I’ve got mugged by a guy with a weapon in the middle of the metro station infront of the cameras. Dont go to Brussels

    • Bruno

      And the worst thing is that it was at 11:00 am :(

  • Ben

    Just came back from brussel. I agreed with the original post that it is a city you will certainly hated. Very dirty and dangerous. Full of rudeness people, and criminal.

  • Niko

    Just spend ten hours at night in Brussels. They need to import some American polices there to beat up those fucking assholes(daily and make those dogs scare). The area around centraal railway station is full of scum and fuck up people.

    Or just keep that way. I Will not anyway visit the center area.

    • Wheyman

      But Brussel-Centraal station is by far the safer environment than Brussel-Noord or Gare du Midi, non??
      If you forced me to stay on the streets 10 hours overnight by one of the stations, I’d choose Brussel-Centraal every time lol.

  • Niko

    Group of black people or individual narcotis will follow you at night and probably rob you if you look weak. If you walk one hour there on night you will find them

  • Ana

    I am from lisbon, Portugal. I have lived in Brussels for 5/6 years. I have also lived in Barcelona and London (besides from California and Norway when I was quite young). I am currently living in Barcelona. I left Brussels even tho my bf is from there cause I can’t stand the city anymore…dark houses, sad and rude people, not much to do, quite a dirty city, plus yes it is more dangerous than other cities ( my house got robbed for ex. And my bfs house got robbed 2xs). Anyway, the most horrible part about the city for me is how boring it is and how sad and depressed people are…they can’t even smile (also very bad client service)…of course, there are good things such as the multicultural people but honestly u can also find that in London and Barcelona (maybe in a smaller scale for this one) and people don’t really seem to integrate…it s just the capital of Europe (with some nice places to see like beautiful gardens) but overall boring and dirty…for me it is a ‘place of passage’ that is, you live there for a few years not to settle down…

  • Agata Szybowska

    I am a foreigner, small scale traveller, living in Brussels for almost 6 years now. And loving it, although I am not blind to problems.

    Not to dwell into details, I invite you to article I found on-line, and an excerpt from it.

    “No absolute truths apply to Brussels, as the Flemish academic Nadia Fadil wrote in her 2008 essay, “Thank God we have Brussels.” Everything said about the city is relative, she concluded, because “talking about Brussels reveals your identity, says something about the circles in which you move, the position you occupy.” She is right. Brussels should not be contemplated in the abstract, but only as a place to live. And as that it is a very fine place indeed.”


  • I went there for an internship for two months and I agree. The stores open at 9 am and close at 8 pm. The food is really boring and not that healthy. Everything is too expensive for a small city. I think Paris is dirtier though, but I guess it depends what part.

  • Bestimmtheit

    I have visited this city a short while ago with friends. This city is by far the most unacceptable one of all the cities I have visited. There is a dangerous atmosphere everywhere in the city. Especially in the city centre at night. The city centre is supposed to be the safest of all.
    Belgium should recognize the deep issues Brussels has and try to solve them. The multicultural thing has totally failed.
    In short: this city is unsafe (we got attacked), the government and the police don’t care about you, this city is intolerant, most of the people are rude and there are almost no locals visible.

    I will never in my life visit this city again.

    • matt

      You have to understand that the structure of the city is opposite to every other city in Europe (or in the western world as a matter of fact). Poor people and crime are concentrated towards the center and rich people live in the suburbs or nearby cities (and avoid the center like the plague).

  • orthotox

    All of the comments below (sorted by newest) were written months before Trump’s “hellhole” statement and the clear majority of them would appear to back him up. Once again, The Donald has spoken the outrageous truth.

  • Deadfnger

    I have spent 25 years in brussels, and sorry but I don’t think this is accurate, first of all the war between flemishs and walloons are almost only about politics, some places are dangerous but same as any other citys. In 25 years I’ve never heard a single gun shot, far, far from Paris , London or Marseille wich is for me one of the worst city in the EU.

  • Elvira O’Shea

    We just move here a few months ago and i have never seen such as dog poo everywhere in my life only here in Brussels thats the only thing that i really hate the most here and it made me sick and depress its just so disgusting!!! i hope the government will do something about it.!!!

    • matt

      Even worst than Paris, which I though was not possible. Here in Ukkle, the so-called posh area of Brussels, you have to watch even single of your steps… People just don’t give a single f***.

      A thing that amazes me here is that most belgians do have money, because their houses are more than fine. But at the same time they accept extremelly dirty and poorly built streets. Just don’t know why? Have they so given up on politics? Or do they only care about themselves? A complete and utter mystery to me.

  • Tatiana Vermeir

    I live in Belgium, in Flanders (the Northern region of this small country)
    I must admit I needed some time to appreciate our ‘capital city’ and do not visit it very often (to be honest, Brussels to us is often an ‘isle’ or just the place where many people work, commute). It DOES have some really rich, great architecture (mainly in the touristic parts, but not only there!) and feel to it, GREAT gastronomy (really, if you think the food is poor, you went to tourist traps) but…there are many problems indeed (many dangerous areas, non-working multiculturality, badly maintained roads and buildings, etcetcetc!) and things get worse, despite the fact that the capital receives a lot of money… It’s a sad thing…
    I love my Ghent, Antwerp, Brugge,…in Flanders!

  • Jean

    I am Belgian and live in Brussels for 5 years. Basically this city fucked up my life. It is full of arabic people everywhere, and dangerous. You feel scared going out. There are 80% of men anywhere you go, and only temporary people. You come, and first you love the move. You meet many people. Then time goes on and all the people leaves. You end up alone without the ability of making a family. It is no surprise only arabic people have families in this city. To add on top of this, roads are blocked all the time, shops closes when you finish work and sunday, there is no quiet place to sit and enjoy a nice atmosphere, bad public transport, no locals (how the hell is that positive to REMOVE THE LOCALS?), interdictation ti state the truth publically (law protecting against discrimination, racism and other shit), high feminism with VERY UGGLY GIRLS, and a city full of opportunistic people who have no goal but taking advantage of europeans institutions to make money. In short, you dont build friendship, you dont make a family, you dont get a gf, you get agressed, and you end up saving much less money than you thought – unless you enter the world of those who take eastern interns to try to fuck them and use tax payer money to ensure their privileges. For me, Brussels is the incarnation of all the problems of this world, Trump is more than right, but it is worse than he thinks.

    • disqus_2015ScorpioWater

      Now you must really hate it, why is everyone angry at Donald Trump for calling Brussels a hellhole? He said it was beautiful 20 years ago, it was better back then but has been flooded with Muslims along with every other major European city has turned to shit. German cities are just as bad, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Berlin are all garbage. London is a Muslim city too. Vladmir Putin told Russians living in Western Europe to come back to Russia for their safety. LOL. He was telling people who left Russia looking for a better life in the West that its better in Russia. I would have to agree with him because even after what happened in Paris, Cologne, and now Brussels, the politicians in the EU will do nothing but bring in more Muslims.

      • stormwatch

        You’re just an idiot. Pure idiot.

    • MartinAlaskan

      I’m here in Brussels because I married an EU worker, so I don’t have the family/girlfriend issue that you have. But I must admit, it’s because of my years in Brussels that I’ll never vote for a president (Hillary Clinton) who believes that open Third World immigration, especially Third World Muslim immigration, is a good thing for your country. Brussels has proven to me that it absolutely isn’t. I mean, what does it take to get stripped of your citizenship and deported back to Morocco!? We have hundreds of dual nationals (Belgian-Moroccan) who joined ISIS and went to Syria and Iraq on a Jihad sex-slave Holiday and now they’re ALLOWED to come back and go straight to welfare. We are just supposed to cross our collective fingers and hope they don’t use any of their newly learned ISIS skills on the rest of us in the future.

  • Your DNA brother

    pedo’s lesbians and gays are used for a greater plan; But they molested the city and the cultre completly in order to make slaves. I am now in Brussels and the lesbian arabics the gay arabics the transgender arabics and cloned black africans are the new robots in the city. The try to bring you to the hellish planets or conditioned through various means. So the that last human dna is totally eradicated as happends to all former human DNA like Jezus, PLato, Socrates

  • Pingback: Co się stało z dawną, nudną Belgią? "Była tak ospała, że coś przespała. A dziś jest jak na wojnie" | Busy do Holandii, Niemiec, Belgii, Polski. +48 533 123456()

  • L

    I come from Caracas, Venezuela for temporarily work in Brussels. Despite this and other cities in Europe are “perfect” versus my home city, I really dislike that stores are close after work and in sunday. People still want to buy stuff after work, no? :) other thing I see is how every etnic group is totally not mixed in the streets nor in the places they live. That probably creates more and more tension between them. Thus the people in the city (foeriners abd locals) shold learn how to integrate with others to avoid future problems (not an easy thing to do, but government need to focus on this). Regarding safety, I just cannot place a fair oppinion, since to me this is a paradise of safety (Caracas is the most unsafe city in the world, with nearly 70 kills by week….sadly). The rest, I’m really enjoying the city and international atmophere here (has great work partner as well), the food, the historic places and the easy access to other countries in Europe

  • Theva Kumar Kanapathy

    It’s my first time visit to Brussels and I didn’t expect to see most of the people are rude and not polite. Even in city centre it’s so dirty and not welcoming at all.

  • glenny oc

    Brussels is a but like Birmingham England in the late 70s.

  • Steven De Gieter

    My parents were born in the thirties in Brussels and moved in 1960 to Bruges (Brugge) where I still live….a difference between night and day…..Sometimes I hate my Bruges, because it became like Venice, a boring, Walt Disney tourist world…..If you look the pictures of Brussels from the ’30 and before, it was a nice city like Amsterdam (what became also a Walt Disney now). But since the ’60 Brussels had crazy mayors, real criminals, that smashed down whole of quarters to tell to people it is normal, than the immigration came (first Italians, Portuguese, Balkanpeople, from Zaïre and other African countries, and than Morrocans/Algerians…..and the EU-snob-people….Brussels people went to Flanders and the suburbs, because they did not feel home anymore, made Flanders more French, also the last Flemish Brussels speaking people went away. I am not pro-Trump, but he was right: Brussels has become since the 90ies an overpopulated, arrogant, dirty, expensive, lazy, indifferent city……Why do some people do just not want to take this conclusion….I go for work and that’s it…….Look to Namur, Gent, Bruges, and even the bigger Antwerp: they are clean, dynamic cities….The social structure has completely destroyed….also full of homeless everywhere, drugs, terrorists, really disturbed people, all normal people are leaving to have more peace, less criminality, good air and green area….We only go to Brussels for a concert, restaurant, to earn money…..I find the Brussels people more and more lazy , indifferent, sometimes your are surprised if you have a nice encounter…..it really makes me depressed. It is an example how to destroy a city: first chase the Flemish, than chase the Francophone, now only offices, Arab quarters….Even the tourist Grand Place is full of dirt, shit waffels (they put all this shit calories on waffels, where you should not). The government : 19 mayors and all those councils, 7 policezones, and than they have also their own government…..Public transport is almost dead after 8 pm (a city of 1,2 million inhabitants !!!). Than they complain that they have pollution and too many cars !!! More traffic jams than Paris and London !!! This city is really really sick and very bad governed……I wished I could write something else, but I can’t….let’s be honnest…..a lost city. Only Murmansk or Norilsk or Ulan Baatar is worse…..no proud, nothing. I know one thing: after my pension I will not put any step in that city, I am full of it. And even Belgium is finished for me. They destroyed or country, and other European countries or the West is following…….all thanks our naïve left winged people……they have been so left, that Europe is going straight to fascism. I’m preparing my suitcase in the coming years……Call me a pessimist, you will see, but I am not going to pay any longer taxes for this shit-gouverned country……..

  • Stefan_V

    I studied in the city for 6 years, end of the 80s beginning of the 90s. It is supposed to
    be an official bilingual area (Dutch-French), 60% of the Belgians are native Dutch
    speakers (Flemings). Brussels used to be a Flemish city, testimony of which is
    the Grote Markt/Grand Place, until the Belgian independency in 1830, which was
    an outright disaster for the Flemish people.

    The francophone elite initiated a cultural genocide of Flemish culture, I won’t go
    into detail, there are enough sources online. Essentially they tried to wipe
    out the Dutch language, not only in Brussels, but in Belgium as a whole.

    Throughout history the Flemings gained back their rights, but Brussels remains a mainly
    francophone city that is outright hostile towards Flemish culture, although their
    council members are more than happy to receive millions of tax euros from Flanders,
    which they can piss away on their incompetent administration and useless
    projects. Flemish government wanted to remain in Brussels and made it their
    capital. An outright foolish decision since the city is almost entirely
    francophone and is the worst possible billboard you can have as a region.

    The successive socialist councils have imported wave after wave of muslim migrants which have
    rendered the city into a jihadist hotspot. On the other side of the spectrum
    the city is overrun by useless EU bureaucrats and their ilk.

    Being a Fleming in Brussels is near to impossible: try to speak Dutch in most of the
    shops and see what happens, good luck finding a medical practicioner that
    understands you, and good luck dealing with the council in Dutch.

    In short: Brussels is a hellhole, overrun by hostile muslims, the inhabitants are
    generally speaking rude, self-centered and very narrow-minded. The undercurrent
    is a very sinister one, difficult to describe but it might be the mix of joyless
    and frustrated muslims, juxtaposed with the artificialness and facelessness of
    the EU institutions, combined with the overall backwards mentality of the Brussels’
    natives. The artificial capital of an artificial country.

    • Steve Chan

      I agree with every word. Flanders should give up Brussels as a capital. its a lost cause and a travesty. The city has nothing in common with the rest of Flanders

    • lol

      True, I really don’t get that there are actually people who like this city. They probably only saw Atomium and grand place and stayed for 2 days. I have been to so many neighbourhoods and some are dirty, some are full with gypsies and others have hookers on the street on broad daylight. Just take the subway to ijzer and there is a square and a street full with hookers. And that is like 5 min from the busiest shopping street.

    • vincentomoh

      “the city is overrun by useless EU bureaucrats and their ilk.” what effects do they really have other than gentrification which is inevitable?

  • Denz k

    The reason why I hate to stay in Brussels is how they neglect the old architecture, Also the new-build buildings look terrible together with the old detailed architecture, its like a circus. The streets look simple way horrible. nowhere is wifi, almost everything is broke and disgusting. Its true about people that live for years in the city leave and rent their apartment to refugees also. I always have a bad feeling being in the city, a friend of my studies in brussels and he thinks the same about it.

  • Oliver

    I did meet some of my customers this WE in Brussels and I am ashamed of my city.
    By luck I have to travel frequently outside of Belgium and I did visit a lot of different cities, also in so called poor east of Europe countries … who for the most are very more attractive secure cheap and beautiful than Brussels.
    Brussels capital of Europe …. My a.. stay away from this end of life City (not to say end of life country) if you want to enjoy your trip.
    I need to agree Brussels is very dirty, boring, dangerous, full of tourist trap, very expansive and not interesting at all.
    Thank you to our politicians for the great job they are doing since 20 years in Belgium.

    • Wheyman

      Brussels would stand a good chance of improving and revitalising in the future – and therefore benefit the entire country – IF the political mentality over the years hadn’t gradually replaced the Brussels population with non-Europeans, as it has.
      I’m a regular visitor to Belgium and it makes me so mad to see what has been done to the country. You can see clearly that Brussels possesses the historic wealth and beauty to be an amazing city, which very sadly it no longer is.

  • navyzil

    Yup just went there 15 days ago… Brussels really do suck big-time. I mean as a guy who lived and grew up in the Philippines, I thought we had the worst traffic and dirty city like Manila. But after visiting Antwerp and Brussels I can see the difference between the two. Antwerp is okay a good and cheap shopping area but Brussels’ Atomium is okay too but Grand Place reminds me of Manila’s Chinatown district, where everything is a drivers nightmare when you arrived by noon. The cars are double parked in a very narrow road in which it will take an Asian to use his driving and parking skills back home. Sadly we just went back to Germany since we get pissed because you can’t park in Grand Place district… Just a tip, if you will travel to Belgium better use the trams and walk rather than drive because for damn sure their roads is on par with ours back in the Philippines

  • TaMere

    Brussels, or should i say, Marseille of the North, is a grey, stinking pile of shit. An embarrassment, not just to Belgium but to Europe as a whole. As far as hygiene certain areas are on par with Kuala Lumpur. Garbage everywhere, while walking the streets you regularly find thrown away items. Clothing, mattresses, home appliances, etc. all thrown out in the streets because people basically don’t give a shit. Demographically there’s no diversity whatsoever as the city is predominantly populated by arabs and africans who have the worst integration record in Europe. Its infested with radicals and extremists, I’ve had an individual working in law enforcement advising me to avoid the metro system as much as possible. Lots of petty crime as well, you see smashed car windows on a regular basis. Beggars and homeless people everywhere, going out without people constantly asking you for money is impossible. People are extremely closed and anti social, not to mention downright rude. No smiles, no kind gestures, etc. Law & order is a joke (i’ve seen people do dope in front of cops) If you report a robbery or burglary the police basically tells you there’s no use in reporting it. After living in this shithole i completely understand why certain members in the Flemish community want their independence as Flanders is a totally different place. French speakers seem to have a way of messing up their societies like there’s no tomorrow.

    • vincentomoh

      my understanding is Kuala Lumpur is clean as far as SEAsian cities go (tho not Singapore level)

    • matt

      Oh they do smile! When they see an oppurtinity of ripping you off (which is basically everytime you go shopping), they smile. Apart from that, they are either retarded or depressed…

  • Slin

    Why do you write such a negative blog about a city which you obviously don’t know. You state that you are curious but you seem more like a very closed minded person, that’s probably why you weren’t able to connect with locals, and also why you have such a biased perception of the city. the only true comment is about the way people drive in Brussels. Stating that Brussels is dangerous is also ridiculous, if you look at the numbers you will see that Brussels is actually the safest capital in Europe, just because you are afraid of people different than you doesn’t make them dangerous. I have been living in Brussels for more than 10 years and it’s really a nice city to live in. I lived in Paris, Amsterdam, the Hague, Durham(UK) and Reykjavik, so I can do some comparison, I really enjoyed those places but much prefer Brussels for it offers anything you would want from a cosmopolite city without the excesses of Paris or London. Yesterday I took some friends around Brussels and they also came with a lot of misconceptions about the city because closed minded people like you widespreading these, they had visited Amsterdam a few days ago and they much preferred Brussels. An Texas girl, and an Oman girl, even a flemish guy who was also saying before the visit that he didn’t like Brussels, but he liked it in the end, he just didn’t know anything about it because he never took the time to enjoy the city because everybody not knowing Brussels is telling the same bs. Yes Brussels needs some commitment to enjoy because it’s a real city to live in, not to visit like Disney World.

    • Stefan_V

      ‘if you look at the numbers you will see that Brussels is actually the safest capital in Europe’, utter BS. Where are you getting this data from? Show us your source.
      Municipalties such as Molenbeek and Anderlecht have soaring crime rates, not to mention they are jihadist hotbeds. Also, he’s not having a go at Brussels because of ‘peope who are different from him’, it’s because Brussels is a hellhole filled with extremist muslims, antisocial locals who still think French is a world language (surprise: it is not) and greedy eurocrats who just love riding the gravy train.

  • Ragnar Lolbroek

    Well said. I’m a Belgian and even I despise the hellhole that Brussels has become in the past decades.

    • Wheyman

      The alienating effect of Brussels on the surrounding country is sad and unfortunate, because it does/did have the potential to be a really great city. There’s no other place where you can enjoy the sweet warmth of the waffles filling the Central Station on arrival. And the boulevards and architecture – both modern and old – are overall impressive, and the range of pubs and bars is pretty good. I also enjoy hearing the two languages in railway station announcements, because it’s a novelty on the ears and it conveys the impression (sadly not reality) of a society that successfully combines and represents two cultures. BUT, my god the streets and the Metro have become dirtier in the last 10 years or so. I first visited in April 2004 and found Brussels to be overall very clean at that time. Now you have to stay alert to the scent of p1ss to avoid walking into it, which is of course horrible. You also get a real sense now that Belgian locals avoid Brussels, which is not good to see at all :~
      I’d actually go so far as to say the Belgian population are being betrayed by this city. It’s getting so bizarre now.

  • Belgica

    You have been banned from r/belgium

  • Irene

    I have spent a year in Brussels. At first I was hesitant because of this blog, but to be honest I’ve come to realize this Agatha chic is an idiot.

    Crime? It’s pretty safe! Wanna see crime? go to Chicago!

    The city has amazing architecture. The craddle of Art deco and Art nouveau. Plus amazing coffee shops, jazz bars, book stores.

    Its also extremely international city, I do not know where you felt this so called tension between Flemish and Walloonians since both are just small parts inside a very multicultural city composed of parts from all over the planet!

    What is this woman bitching about? She came and spent a couple of days, walked around la grand place and has suddenly a deep hatred of an actually cool underrated city!


  • Gnazz Gnaz

    I actually live in Brussels since more than 4 years now.
    At the beginning I loved this city, but after few months it showed my its real face: it’s a very dirty, messy, racist, unsafe city ever filled up with the worst people you can find everywhere. I lived in the centre and it’s full night and day with drank shitty people pissing around everywhere with no control from the police. There are all the time works so taking the car is a true mess. My car have had broken windows 3 times, once they stolen some gear from my car too. The city centre is now filled up with angry conservative muslims and girls are continuously insulted. The people over there are almost all the time double, arrogant, ignorant, crazy, depressed and not professional at all in their jobs. They pretend they are, but it’s just acting. To find a decent job there, if you don’t work in EU, you need to talk dutch, french and english and anyway the level of unemployment is very high.
    I still don’t know why I live here, but this city completely destroyed my life and leaved me alone without friends, dealing with mediocre and stupid people all the time.
    There are zones of the city is better you stay far away, the multiculturalism is not true: fact is it’s plenty of racism everywhere, people are very closeminded and locals are suspicious to get to know you if you don’t belong to their stupid mediocre environment.
    Brussels is complete shit guys, stay away from it. I’ll move out whenever I’ll have possibility and I regret very much to have moved here.

  • Lisa van Steen

    First of all it’s funny you are complaining about the airport bus. There is also a train and you could have searched for public transportation before coming here like everybody that it organized is doing before traveling. Secondly you have no clue of this city. It’s not more dangerous than any other big city. And guess what there are still a lot of Belgian people living here but you don’t meet them if you just stay at grand place and don’t discover the rest. And speaking French is not a mistake neither if you want to get in touch with them.

    • Jean

      Laisse les. C’est juste une bande de coincés du cul ou des petits fachos de la droite flamande qui viennent se défouler sur le net parce qu’ils gagnent jamais rien aux éléctions.

    • lol

      It is a shity city, I’ve been to a lot of neighbourhoods, even “dangerous ones”. For example: just walk the grand avenue from brouckere to midi and you will see how dirty and shady it gets. And
      a lot of Belgian people living there? The belgian people you see live outside of the city, they just come to brussel for their job or to study. Take the subway and you’ll see the real people living there.

    • matt

      I remember once taking the train from Brussels Midi to the airport (final destination was Amsterdam). The f***ing thing never stopped at the airport… They just “forgot” they were supposed to stop. And instead of informing passengers about the situation, they just stopped at the next station and “off you go”. No apology, no refund, which is nice when you have a flight to take.

  • Luc

    I was born in brussels as well as my ancestors.
    In many bars in Brussels I am the only belgian, Without speaking oif Brussels

    Actually people find it funny when i tell them I am from brussels

    The city has degraded a lot. cimrinality (violent) on the rise. violent criminality was rare before.
    Flemish cities are cleaner, just look at antwerp or gent, much nicer. Look at the assholes socialist politicians on the walloon side for the reason. Socialism in venezuela bankrupted a rich petroleum country !

  • Alex

    Totally agree with your description. And don’t forget people not speaking English!!

  • MartinAlaskan

    Seven years here in Brussels, six more to go; it’s the worst place I’ve ever lived because of the angry male Muslim vibe and all the filth in the street, broken windows, graffiti, begging gangs, drunks, Gypsies, etc. Once gone I’ll NEVER come back. The Grand Place is nice and that’s about it.

    • Jean

      You’re such a frustrated racist piece of crap and you don’t deserve to live in our city. I can see that you know nothing about the city life and cultural events besides the stereotypes you’re spitting on the internet. I’d be curious to know what else you know about the city except of what you see on the news and “Grand Place”. Haha! I doubt you speak so overtly in real life with your colleagues. What a hypocrisy! If you don’t like Bruxelles, leave now.

      • MartinAlaskan

        I don’t deserve to live in your city, fine, leave it to the Muslims who have ruined it and who will become quit angry when the welfare money runs out.

        “Cultural Events”: boring parades, some half-ass concerts, etc., which don’t come close to making up for this garbage dump city strewn with trash, dog crap, ugly graffiti, begging drunks, begging gypsies, and thousands of ISIS loving male Muslim punks. You do know that more Muslims in Brussels (a city of 1.2 million people) joined ISIS than all the people who joined ISIS who came from America with its population of 320 million people?

        I’m not frustrated, I’m angry and many Belgians are also angry with what Belgian leaders have allowed this city to become over the last thirty years. The leaders have throw away their country and especially this city. I’ve walked all over this town hundreds of times over the last seven years; the Grand Place is one of the very few nice places in this city, so I walk there often. Believe me, I wish I could leave now but because of work I can’t leave this dump for six more years, and then I’ll never return.

        You know what sealed the deal with this city and me? It was Muslims walking down the streets of this city shouting “Kill the Jews!’ through their megaphones during a pro “Palestinian” march. And then again when, after our local Muslims murdered 32 people in Brussels with bombs, other local Muslims in Molenbeek cheered their Muslim terrorist brothers as heroes. And then Jan Jambon, the Belgian Interior Minister at the time, came on TV immediately after these attacks and told us that, “We must try harder to win their (Muslim) hearts back.” After hearing the Interior Minister said that I could have puked, not that anyone would have noticed my vomit on Brussels’ filthy streets.

        By the way, I’ve traveled, usually slowly and overland, through over 120 countries in my life and 48 states. I’ve been been around. When I arrived in Brussels on New Years Day 2011 I knew before I got from the airport to my girlfriend’s apartment that this town was a dump. My seven years of living here has proved me right.

        • Stefan_V

          You are absolutely right and I don’t envy you having to live another 6 years in that vile shithole.

          Governed by morally corrupt politicians who prefer to look away when faced with the soaring islamization and complete deterioration of their city. As for so-called ‘cultural events’: they only appeal to the in-crowd of provincialist self-hating types who moved to Brussels in the hope of becoming ‘vibrant’ and ‘urban’. They bang on and on about how it ‘takes time to love Brussels’ and the ‘city grows on you’. Surprise: it does not.

          The natives are extremely narrow-minded, rude and living in their tiny francophone bubble. They are not interested in acting as a real bilingual city, instead spitting on Flemish/Dutch culture, while being more than happy to receive handouts from the people they so despise.
          A thank you goes a long way, except in Brussels.

          On the other side of the spectrum: the precious and ever-growing Muslim population. Even more backward, even more narrow-minded and free to do whatever they please since the authorities are scared shitless and prefer to see the fundamentalist no-go areas sprawl than to address the real issues.

          On a federal level, Jan Jambon acts tough and talks about ‘cleaning up Molenbeek’. In reality he has nor the authority nor the guts to act upon his words.

          If I were you I’d move to a smaller city nearby (Leuven is nice) and commute into Brussels, tough it out for the remaining 6 years and never look back.

          • MartinAlaskan

            I appreciate your well thought out comment. I can see that you too know Brussels all too well, according to others your speaking the truth of personal experience would make you a “racist” just like me. I’m long past the point of caring what someone thinks of me when I speak of this once halfway decent city cutting it’s throat with Islam.

            I’d move outside the city but the commute would be too many wasted hours every day for my wife (I married my girlfriend); she’s the one who drives to work while I’m the retired one who is stuck in this dump. At least she makes very good money which makes living here a little less of a prison sentence but for me I gain nothing besides my wife, which is the only reason I am here. I do get out of Brussels at least 20 weeks out of the year, that makes a huge difference.

          • MartinAlaskan

            I appreciate your well thought out comment. I can see that you too know Brussels all too well. According to others your speaking the truth from personal experience would make you a “racist” just like me. I’m long past the point of caring what someone thinks of me when I speak of this once halfway decent city (so I have been told) cutting it’s throat with Islam.

            I’d move outside the city but the commute would be too many wasted hours every day for my wife (I married my girlfriend); she’s the one who drives to work while I’m the retired one who is stuck in this dump. At least she makes very good money which makes living here a little less of a prison sentence for her but for me I gain nothing besides my wife, which is the only reason I am still here. Thank God that I do get out of Belgium at least 20 weeks out of the year, that makes a huge difference.

    • lol

      Brussels has so many dirty depressing neighbourhoods. For example: when you walk from the city centre to midi (south station) you just see the street getting dirtier and dirtier.

    • vincentomoh

      Arent most of the Jewish people in Antwerp instead of Brussels?

      • MartinAlaskan

        I believe that is the case these days. All I know is that I’ll see more traditionally dressed Jews during an afternoon in Antwerp than I’ll see in three years in Brussels. If a Jew walked around many areas in Brussels in traditional Jewish garb he’d be viciously attacked. Here in Brussels they always have Belgian soldiers with machine-guns standing guard outside of Jewish children’s schools, I imagine it’s the same in Antwerp.

  • Levi Britt

    First of all sorry, my english is not perfect.
    I am french speaking, I did live 10 years in Ixelles. One of the better area in Brussels.

    1 Architecture is a mess.
    2 Urbanism is a mess. the small ring is just awful.
    3 Very unsafe, i got robber in my flat, in my car… avoid like the pest the area around the south station, you will get in trouble for sure day and night. Avoid also Yser metro station…
    4 The air pollution. All the busses and the cars are driving with diesel engine, lots of traffic…
    5 Nothing is done for cyclists
    6 If you dont have too, dont visit Brussels, you have more chance to hate it then to love it… And to the one telling me yes but you also have nice areas yes true… but the ratio nice ugly is definitely out of balance. And your safety and wellness is more important then to get it trouble in this ugly city.

  • Gnazz Gnaz

    Almost 5 years in Brussels, this is my resume:
    1) My car window has been broken 3 times, things stolen inside
    2) I was in the same metro train of the 2016 terror attacks, It’s a miracle I’m alive and I went out 5 minutes before 2 metro stops before
    3) Centre city is a big pale of crap: dirty, messy.
    4) Traffic jams are out of mind, they are also going to close the tunnel for a while so just take the car and pray.
    5) People are generally uncultured, rude, unfriendly, prejudging, phony, not welcoming, superficial. They believe to be very smart but they are not at all. They always look at you with this air of superiority, not realising how ridiculous and close minded they are. But fortunately I found also very good exceptions.
    6) Works everywhere, always. Night and day. Some places of the city seem have been bombed.
    7) Architecture: WTF? Terrible.
    8) Dirty and decadent always.
    9) Brussels Police: better you try and call Batman first.
    10) Overall very boring. You generally find 3 types of people: Eurocrats, Hipsters, immigrants. Stop.
    I guess Belgium is a very nice country, cute, interesting with very peaceful and nice people. Brussels takes all the worst of it. I live a bit outside of the city now and there’s no comparison.
    I’m actually very upset on it, I regret moving there and I’ll go far away very soon to do not come back.