How To Win 3 Awesome Travel Guides

How To Win 3 Awesome Travel Guides

I had never thought that this blog would develop so fast. I’m totally overwhelmed with the number of fans of FB, followers on Twitter and, most of all, enthusiastic comments whether on this blog or sent through the FB fan page. This is a great joy when somebody reads for somebody who loves write. So thank you all for reading all published posts.

Having said this I think this is the right moment to invite you all to participate in the first contest.

How to win a Travel Guide?

This is really simple: All you have to do is to share information about this contest on your Facebook timeline OR retweet it on your Twitter profile so all your friends and followers could join it too (check the instruction below). You need to do it between 16 of April 2013 and 3 of May 2013, when the contest is closed.

The Rules How It Works

Here is a little timeline of this contest which might be useful if you wish to join.

  1. 16th of April: the contest has been announced.
  2. For Facebook users:
    1. Like the Null&Full fanpage
    2. Share this post on your timeline
  3. For Twitter users:
    1. Follow Null&Full on Twitter
    2. Retweet this message by clicking retweet :)

  4. 3rd of May: the contest is closed.
  5. I will pick up 3 winners of all participants.
  6. The lucky winners will be contacted via direct messages on their Twitter or Facebook profiles and within 24h they will send the mailing address where the guides are to be sent. If a winner did not reply the message I will pick up another person till I get all three replies.
  7. The guides are sent- each guidebook to one lucky winner.

And now the best part: PRIZES!

Bradt Guides

Bradt Guides

As I feel personally attached to this blog and to sharing my travel adventures with you so the prize need to be personal and connected to the content of this blog. I have three Travel Guides to giveaway, all of them published by Bradt which is my favorite publishing house. It publishes so many fascinating guides it took me a while to pick up particular destinations. Here is what I decided.

The first prize is a guide to Alaska, the American state called ‘The Last Frontier’. I picked up Alaska as this is one of the most desired travel destinations and it also seamed to be exotic enough to catch your attention. I am pretty sure that many of you have been dreaming about visiting this wild land to experience its beauty. If I have ever wanted to visit Alaska I want it even more after reading this guidebook.

Alaska Bradt Guide

A guide to Lapland is the second prize. I used this guidebook when I travelled to the Swedish part of Lapland for the first time and I can assure you that the quality of information is excellent. Lapland is one of my favorite destinations and I having this guide with me made my travel experience secure and fascinating at the same time.

Lapland Bradt Guide

The third prize is another breathtaking destination: Azores. This location is truly intriguing: 9 little islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, colonized by the Portuguese in the Age of Discovery, isolated enough to create and sustain particular culture, dialect, architecture and art. I would love to visit these islands some day and I am pretty sure that this feeling is shared by many of you.

Azores Bradt Guide

So, let the contest begin! Good luck!

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