Light Walk, Stunning Views: The Dolomites

Just when we visited Ferrara and Ravenna this was a high time to start the core of our holiday: The Dolomites. We picked up a typical Alpine hotel in Arabba and began our first walk. Read the story and share.

The Dolomites are exceptionally friendly to all sorts of tourists: starting with climbing experts, through walkers with dogs, families with small children, organized groups, school trips and finishing with handicap people. The main reason is related to an excellent touristic facilities, operating in winter and in summer seasons. To give you an example: we had been staying at a hotel in Arabba (1601 masl), and to start our walk we could go by car at Passo Pordoi (2239 masl), so we cut the 600m level difference before even starting our walk. The relative height of valleys and peaks is huge: often more than 1000m so the system of roads and well developed cable railways gives you an opportunity to benefit from stunning views with relatively modest climbing effort.

View from Passo Pordoi

View from Passo Pordoi

Here is what we did the first day in the Dolomites: a very light and pleasant trail from Passo Pordoi (2239 masl) to Viel del Pan Mountain Hut (2432 masl). We picked up this trail for three reasons: as an easy beginning of our week-long adventure, as the best panoramic view of the Marmolada glacier and because of its historical value.

Starting from Passo Pordoi

Starting from Passo Pordoi

The trail Viel del Pan has been used since medieval times by the merchants transporting salt and flour through the Alps. Walking along this tiny path I could imagine the donkeys carrying the precious cargo and their tired owners rushing them loudly. What is most beautiful in this trail is the proximity to the Marmolada range. For the whole day we were blessed with views of glacier and the green valley below. This is a popular winter destination so you have large mountain hut Baita Fedarola (2370 masl) with view to both valleys: towards Gruppo del Sella and Marmolada. On our way back we stayed in baita for our lunch. To our surprise the waitress was a Tuscan girl who told us her story and recommended excellent roast meet with vegetables. This is the true luxury of the Dolomites: at various height there is a good chance to eat well and drink good Italian cafe. Just saying here…climbing the German Alps is pretty different! Find out why the same mountains from opposite sides are so different!

Cafe Val di Fassa

Cafe Val di Fassa

This is a very popular trail so in July it is crowded. If you’re looking for silence and solitude pick the different track.

There is no point of writing how beautiful it was, so enjoy watching the photos taken ( don’t forget about my page) and plan your own trip to the Dolomites. The story to be continue…

Do you wonder how is it to visit the Dolomites again? Here is a post for you!

The Trail Summary

ARABBA (1601 masl), PASSO PORDOI (2239 masl), BAITA FEDAROLA (2370 masl), VIEL DEL PAN, RIFUGIO VIEL DEL PAN (2432 masl), COL DE PAUSSA (2415 masl), and back.

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