My Guest Post: Best Things About Italy

My Guest Post: Best Things About Italy

I enjoy writing guest posts. Some people find it boring but for me this is always a chance to step back and think about my travel experiences from a different perspective. When I prepare another post published on NullnFull blog I treat it as another part of a series. So, I know that my readers have already known my story, my favorite destinations and activities. When I prepare a guest post I need to summarize my travels, think about it as a long term activity and decide which are the most important things to me to share.

So, I was glad when Sonia asked me if we could exchange blog posts. And I picked up best things about Italy. Again. Strangely enough, every time I write about my love towards Italy there are new things coming. And so, although you’re used to my Italian stories I am pretty sure you’ll like this one too. Enjoy!

I love Ferrara - alternative way to spend your holiday

I love Ferrara – alternative way to spend your holiday

Have you ever thought about visiting Italy? Here is an alternative way on how to visit Italy and get really close to the Italian way of life. I created a project ‘I love Ferrara‘ so you could join me and experience how beautiful and tasty Ferrara is. If you wish to immerse in Italy book your holiday now!

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