Most Beautiful Beaches of New Zealand #1

Saying that New Zealand has amazingly beautiful beaches is trivial but SO true! Quite obviously island has a long coastline and many beaches along it. What is so special about beaches in New Zealand? Variety! You find pretty much everything here: rocky beaches, sandy ones, beaches full of wild animals and also cliffs which means no beach at all. I thought that one gallery with most beautiful beaches of New Zealand will do the trick but just this morning I realized how many of nice pictures I have! As WordPress gallery has a limit of 20 pictures I needed to split it.

Today, therefore, have a look at some of the beaches of New Zealand I’ve been to. I generally like beaches but the coldest and more wild the coastline is, the better. I especially enjoy cliffs and very sharp rocks. What I really love about the New Zealand beaches is high daily ocean tide. It means that every time you go to the beach it is so different! The ocean water comes and goes which makes these beaches really interesting to watch at every time of the day.

If you’re a typical beach person and you like spending hours at the beach taking a sunbath New Zealand is a perfect place for you! Here is the second part of the gallery with most beautiful beaches of New Zealand.

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