Most Beautiful Beaches of New Zealand #2

I think this gallery is very interesting. Perhaps it is due to the very untypical beach I shared at the end: the black one! Before I went to New Zealand I thought that black beaches are mainly in Iceland which is one of the reasons I have always wanted to go there. But here we are: what a surprise! In Kaikoura – a small town near Christchurch that is well known for whales, seals and dolphins’ watching – the black beach was found!

The weather was bad: it was cold and it was raining so I dressed a waterproof jacket and went to the beach that was next to a holiday park I was staying at called Peketa Beach. In rainy and stormy weather this beach made a huge impression on me: the black sand and white waves were so counterintuitive! I had the feeling that clouds were very low and the whole beach seamed cosy. I’m not sure if every black beach does that or maybe it seams to be small in a bad weather only. One is certain: I will let you know if I visit any other black beach again. Watch previous gallery.

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