Guest Post: New Zealand For The First Time

Guest Post: New Zealand For The First Time

Right. It’s just getting impossible to follow, isn’t it? I mean, I got confused myself in this guest post story… Suddenly all my guest posts and other bloggers’ posts are being published in one week! Crazy stuff but I love it. I really appreciate each and every opportunity to look back, to assess my experience again, to look at my adventure from perspective. It allows me to discover precious things that otherwise would not be discovered.

So, one of the guest post exchange I did this week was with Esther from NZMuse. She kindly agreed to prepare a post for me, which was published here last Wednesday, and I prepared a short post on My First Trip To NZ for her. I think that switching the perspective from a tourist to a local is really interesting. I especially like Esther’s paragraph on how New Zealanders appreciate tourists. And I am very happy I could experience it myself. Hopefully, then, you will keep a good record of all guest post and will enjoy the richness of other bloggers’ stories. Good reading!

I think this is a great beginning of a very promising year! Stay with me.

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