Grief is the price you pay for love

Grief is the price you pay for love

It’s always hard to find proper words in grief and mourning. Although we all have tragic events in our past we went through it is very hard to imagine what the people who lost their loved ones and their homes feel. The earthquake that hit Christchurch in February 22nd, 2011, took life of 182 people and destroyed the city. All people who lived in the city center and suburbs by that time were affected by the power of the element and were faced with a very difficult challenge of moving on after the disaster which is probably the hardest part.

But before the community of Cantabrians started to reconstruct their region and capital city there was a very special day of Memorial Service organized. On March 18th 2011 in a sunny and warm day everybody came to Hagley Park to attend this service. A huge number of people gathered in this park. All prominent people of politics, sport and culture showed the importance of the community support. People said this service brought a relief. It was a good opportunity to unite over this difficult experience and instead of despair to feel the strength of human solidarity. As my tribute in this anniversary of the Canterbury earthquake I would like to share one quote I consider important. I truly admire people of Christchurch and their inner strength to re-create their city.

“It is in the worst of times we often see the best in people (…) Today, as we begin to rebuild our lives, our city, we look to the future with hope and the resilience that has made us the people of Christchurch”

( Earthquake. The Press, 2011, p. 170).

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