Guest Post: St. Patrick’s Day!

Guest Post: St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today! The whole world celebrates the patron of Ireland and so do I. Ireland is a wonderful country and due to its long and turbulent history it has very particular traditions, culture, music, language and feasts. Following this important tradition of remembering the saints and patrons I am sharing few impressions from my first stay in Ireland. It’s been almost a year since I went there for the first time so it is good to reflect a bit about it. My impressions from the Green Ireland were published on website of a local tour operator Tour Ireland. Read it right here and stay green in St. Patrick’s Day!  

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I get easily fascinated with people and places. I am passionately curious. I get often seduced with the beauty of nature. Blue sky, pure water, white snow and endless horizon seams to be enough to make me happy.

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  • Sarah Blinco

    Love this! I’ve not seen nearly enough of Ireland. Beautiful images too, thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, I share this feeling! I wish I stayed in Ireland much longer!

  • Galwaysguide

    have read many blogs about the Aran Islands over the years, from the dressed up and dressed down.

    I have visited the Islands on many occasions, I have soaked in their hospitality, shared many a Pint, sang songs, sat and marveled at their music and dance. I have tortured myself with self disappointment that over the years I have not made the honest effort to be able to converse competently in their beautiful language. I am forever in awe at their natural friendliness and helpful nature. The above comments and observations by Agata, are among

    the most honest and descriptive of this beautiful island and it’s people. I thank you for sharing them. #galwaysguide

    • Awww, that’s so nice to hear! It made my day!