Quick Look At My Recent Trip To Italy

Quick Look At My Recent Trip To Italy

Two days ago I was having a typical Italian breakfast: brioche and cappuccino. And when I’m sitting in my office 1400 km further north it is really hard to believe. Especially when this morning temperature dropped below zero. But here I am. I got back after 2 weeks of a combined car, train, scooter and bike voyage. What can I say? Italy was awesome. As always. (Just like the last one).


The drive is long. It takes about 12 hours to drive through Germany, Austria and Italy, to cross from Poznań to Ferrara. And if the traffic is heavy or the road works are carried out then it can be 14 hours. So it is rather challenging in terms of driving. How to survive a long drive? Well, I found a good way to stay focused on the road: I listen to the audiobooks. This time I was listening to a book by Bulgakov The Master and Margarita. This is not my favorite book but you know what? I am still thinking about it. About the cat, Russia, Moscow that I have never visited and the main plot. I can tell you this: this book gets into you and it is very hard to stop analyzing it, remembering the crucial events, trying to imagine the main characters.

Italian highway

Italian highway


Thanks to the book I drove safely to Ferrara where I joined some of my Italian friends and we went further south by train. With 2 changes – one in Bologna and one in Napoli – we arrived to Sorrento. This was a Frecciarossa train which meant it was a really short journey. The train goes with a galactic speed of almost 300 km/h and it crosses numerous tunnels. As a side effect of this fast journey and many tunnels you get your ears clogged. This is very similar to a feeling of being aboard of a plane that takes off. While on a plane it takes few minutes at most in the italian Frecciarossa it takes hours. So think twice before you decide to use this mean of transportation. My personal preference? Scooter, what else?


This was one of my big dreams: to drive a scooter in Italy. So when I received a scooter as a gift for my birthday I was unbelievably happy. I was proudly driving it in Italy for couple of years and loved every minute of it. So when I went to Sorrento I knew I would love to do it again. Plus, there was my birthday. And the route from Sorrento to Positano is one of the most scenic routes in the world (Costiera Amalfitana was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The weather was fabulous that day so I had an absolutely wonderful time! I had my GoPro camera with me and shot more than a hundred short clips. I will share them with you when a short movie was created (later, I mean…).

Driving a scooter around Costiera Amalfitana

Driving a scooter around Costiera Amalfitana


The final stage of this journey was done by bike. In one of the hotels I stayed in Ferrara the bikes were available to the guests so I took a long ride through my favorite Italian town enjoying the sun and the spring air. It totally convinced me that Ferrara is a bicycle town, very friendly to bikers. I participated in an extraordinary feast of the Hebrew literature (La Festa del Libro Ebraico in Italia) and joined a guided tour around the town, focused on Jewish traces, that are numerous and well preserved.

So here is what I’ve been doing for last two weeks. I hope to share it with you in few episodes in next few weeks. Keep in touch! …and start from the first post about Sorrento.

Traditional piada romagnola in Ferrara

Traditional piada romagnola in Ferrara

I love Ferrara - alternative way to spend your holiday

I love Ferrara – alternative way to spend your holiday

Have you ever thought about visiting Italy? Here is an alternative way on how to visit Italy and get really close to the Italian way of life. I created a project ‘I love Ferrara‘ so you could join me and experience how beautiful and tasty Ferrara is. If you wish to immerse in Italy book your holiday now!

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  • Chiara

    Absolutely wonderful! See you next time.

    • Thanks Chiara. I’m glad that you like it. I’m planning to write at least one post on a scooter drive around Positano so stay tuned!

  • Lisa @ Gone With The Family

    Sounds like you had a very busy trip! It had never occurred to me that a trip on a high speed train could affect the ears – that’s definitely something for me to think about before deciding to travel that way as both my younger daughter and I have a lot of trouble with our ears on flights!

    • It is weird, isn’t it? I would have never thought about it if I hadn’t experienced it! The train is really convenient but the pressure and speed made me uncomfortable.

  • It looks like an amazing trip! I can’t wait to see some of your GoPro footage. I would love to try riding a scooter (I never have!) and especially with the scenery of Italy around!!!

    • Indeed! GoPro footages are numerous which means difficult to manage ;-) it will take a while before I’ll have it done. As for a scooter I would highly recommend a short training before you rent one in Italy. Especially in the south!

  • Marlys Alfiler-Schuermann

    You look like you really had such fun!

    • Oh yes! Especially my scooter drive was fantastic!

  • hikebiketravel

    Sounds like a very fun trip. Hard to go back to the cold weather isn’t it? I found that as I returned to Calgary from Dresden. I have never tried a scooter but think that would be a great way to have some fun and see the sights.

    • Oh yes, it is difficult to get back to the north. Scooter was fun! I hope to write at least one post about it. Some tips to share, too.

  • Catherine Sweeney

    I would love to follow this exact itinerary, even the long drive — I happen to love road trips. Ferrara is definitely a bike town. I had a great time riding a bike around town when I was there last summer. Can’t get enough of Italy — still hoping for another opportunity sooner rather than later. :)

    • We should visit Ferrara together- just as I wrote you some time ago. I hope it’ll be possible sooner than later ;-)

  • Jeff Titelius

    I love to read stories about the “journey along the way.” I imagine myself in each scenario and try to experience vicariously. How wonderful it must have been to ride the scooter and the bike too! Oh how I miss Italy. And I love, love, love audio books. My daily commute used to be hour each way and the only way I got through it was my audio books! Time flies!! Thank you for a wonderful trip and looking forward to your future travels.

  • I have been to Italy many times but never drove a scooter. This is definitely added now to my list for the next time