Scooter Drive to Positano

Scooter Drive to Positano

This was a memorable day!

Driving a scooter in Italy is one of my favorite activities. A very simple skill I acquired instantly after my first scooter ride few years ago in Ferrara and since then I simply love it. I owned a scooter while I was living in Italy but unfortunately I couldn’t keep it when I left. All in all I use every opportunity to drive a scooter again and so from the moment I knew I went to Sorrento I had a plan to do it.

Why scooter?

There are many wonderful feelings attached to driving a scooter in Italy. Most of all a sensation of freedom and pure happiness of doing a joyful thing. Then, the sunny weather and the wind in my hair. It is often very warm in Italy so the wind created during a ride cools the driver down. Also, the size of the scooter guarantees that you will always find a parking spot which in case of a full size car is often impossible. Not to mention passing the cars stuck in a traffic jam! Effortless move around the city is also a good excuse to use scooter instead of a bike and also considerable distances a scooter is able to cover.

Starting point: Sorrento

Starting point: Sorrento

Is it for you?

These are only few arguments to drive a scooter in Italy. However, I am far from encouraging every tourist visiting Italy to drive a scooter. Why? As they say in the UK: security first! So if you have never driven a scooter before don’t start in a places like Sorrento: far in the south very busy touristic places. If driving a scooter is you dream – just like mine was – think about trying a short drive somewhere safer than a busy crossroad of Positano. Or ask your Italian friend to give few advices and a short ride outside the city or in a parking lot.

What is the traffic in Sorrento?

Traffic in Sorrento is very particular and it’s not only about busy tiny little streets and many cars around. It’s also about habits of other drivers or better said: lack of them. I think this is one of the reason why literally EVERYBODY looked pretty scared when I told them about my idea of driving a scooter in Sorrento. I think that driving any mean of transportation in Sorrento including a car and a bike is an activity that requires certain skills. Most of all: a determination. And creating impression of being firmed that is easy to catch by other drivers.

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

There are no traffic lights in the area but people don’t need it. The locals wouldn’t stop on red anyway! And so when you approach a crossroad and it is your turn you just go! Trusting all others will read this signal and will pass you through. It worked pretty well in my case and I got used to it in no time.

How to rent a scooter?

There is a variety of renting companies in Sorrento and I think they are pretty similar. In a place where I rented a scooter one day rent for a 125cc scooter costed about 30 EUR. I needed to show a valid driving license and a credit card with 1000 EUR deposit. The only funny thing was a guy who worked there. He tried to discourage me and he did everything he could to actually do this. He appealed to my sense and an argument that I owned a scooter for couple of years and drove it safely in Italy did not impress him at all. As I said: a strong mindset is everything.

The Amalfi Coast

So how was it? Well, it was fabulous! The weather was perfect and the traffic was moderate, at most. I had enough time to stop at every panoramic site to take pictures, shot some GoPro clips and enjoy the ride. The final piece in city center of Positano was a thrill! It was all downhill, numerous curves and turns, a crazy crowd of tourists from all over the world and breathtaking panorama as a background. This UNESCO world heritage site and scenic route was a totally awesome idea.

Happy me in Positano!

Happy me in Positano!

This birthday gift will last forever in my memory. I hope to share some clips shot there in nearest future. So stay tuned! (By the way: my Italian friend, the one who taught me to cook, after seeing a short clip from Sorrento called me pericolo pubblico but I think she exaggerated! See for yourself below!!!

A short movie clip from Sorrento is right here!

Amalfi Coast by scooter from Null & Full on Vimeo.

…and from Sorrento I’m taking you right to a small town in Emilia-Romagna: Brisighella!

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