Beckett in Paris

Beckett in Paris

So disappointing! The weather in Paris crushed my plans. And I wanted to do so many things related to my favorite writer Samuel Beckett! You know the story of Beckett and Little Museum of Dublin so you are not surprised I wanted to visit all places related to his long residence in Paris. I wanted to have a coffee in his favorite place, look at the neighborhood where he lived and finally visit his grave on Montparnasse cemetery. It didn’t work.

When I saw heavy and dark clouds this morning I thought this plan might not be easy to proceed with. Just when I met a photographer and blogger Lanora I went straight to the Montparnasse graveyard. When I entered it was already drizzling but not excessively so I thought I still have a while to find the grave. I met an old French man just at the front of a small map and tried to get informed about topography of the place. He did not speak French but was so dear! I like this sort of old man that remind me my grandfather. They wear weird hats and have a lot of time. He would take my hand and lead me to a place I could recognize from a map.

Montparnasse graveyard in autumn, Paris, France

Montparnasse graveyard in autumn, Paris, France

Then he dissapeared leaving me there but I was sure I could have handled from there. Well, I couldn’t. I went through the sector where the grave of Samuel Beckett should be located and haven’t found it. In a meantime the drizzle turned into a serious rain. But I didn’t give up. I run back to the map, checked again and turned back to the sector 12 looking at all graves one after another. After half an hour or rain and when I got soaked I thought that’s enough. And went back to the subway. Funny thing: I didn’t feel down. I remember what Beckett used to say:

Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that. Yes, yes, it’s the most comical thing in the world.

I looked at the Montparnasse cemetery and it was so beautiful! Just in the middle of this busy city you have a peaceful place with big trees and lovely little figures guarding the graves of most famous people. The trees were yellow and the alleys were covered with yellow carpet. It was raining so all graves were wet and shiny. This was a very picturesque place. So I went back to the hotel quite comfort. Peace and silence are things we probably need most.

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  • Looking for the grave must have felt a bit like Waiting for Godot…

    • That’s exactly how is was Karen! So book- like experience!

  • hikebiketravel

    Lovely way to frame the grave looking Agata. I’m impressed with your mission and sense of purpose.