Travel with Books

Travel with Books

I’m very excited to share the big news with you: today my pet project ‘Travel with Books‘ has been launched! I have been working on it since last August, crafting carefully the idea, getting the draft version of my proposal, inviting people to cooperate on it and finally creating a website. It was a great learning process and also new way of spreading news about great travel literature. I found working with Eland Publishing very rewarding. It’s like sharing the passion always make things easy and smooth. So, what this is all about?

The idea is pretty simple: I invited over 20 bloggers, writers and journalists to share their favorite quote related to traveling. The site Travel with Books will reveal one quote and one photo a day for 30 consecutive days in March 2015. Each contributor chosen a favourite travel quote and these quotes will give readers the opportunity to discover travel literature that they might not be familiar with, or maybe rediscover old favourites. Each contributor will also share their thoughts on the particular quote and its importance to them.

The quotes with comments I received were fantastic! I felt overwhelmed not only with enthusiasm of the contributors but with their amazing sensibility on literature. It looks like no matter how and when they travel, all travelers find inspiration in books. I hope that you will love this project, will follow and like the site and will excuse my focusing on it for a while. Lastly, I hope that these wonderful quotes shared will encourage you to read more!

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