My Travel Plans for the Summer 2015

My Travel Plans for the Summer 2015

My mind is still on my recent travel around the world. I was reading my notes again, thinking of writing the first chapter of the book and watching the pictures I took. It will take me a while to fully understand and define all results of this long-term travel, but this should not prevent further traveling. It is a funny feeling to think about the previous travel while going on another one but there is nothing I can do about it. Why? Because…

Tbex is coming!

That’s right! Only a few months have passed since the last conference in Athens but tomorrow morning I’m traveling to Barcelona and to Lloret de Mar. This time, however, I’m participating the event as a speaker which make the whole experience quite different. I’ll be one of the forty bloggers invited to share their knowledge, experience and expertise on blogging and traveling. I’m going to discuss an interesting issue of blogging in English when it is not your first language and how this influence building a community around your blog. I co-present with two outstanding ladies: Pola Henderson and Lanora Mueller. It should be possible to watch the presentation afterward and I’ll keep you posted on where it is (if you’re interested in this issue, of course).

Memorable Tbex event in 2013 in Dublin.

Memorable Tbex event in 2013 in Dublin.

Italy, where else?

Just when I get back from Spain, I’m heading south to Ferrara. It is like a routine, isn’t it? This time I am particularly excited because not only I’m running cooking classes for the Americans but I’m meeting my Canadian friends! Justin and Lauren that you are familiar with through an interview I made few years ago will be my guests in Ferrara. It should be FUN!

The Dolomites

There is no way I’m going to survive this year without any mountain trekking! Last year was pretty rich in trekking activities but since I started traveling around the world, not so much. So I’m quite determined to stay for a week in the Dolomites with my best friends and just get immersed in the pure beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dolomites is a place where I fully relax.

The Dolomites is a place where I fully relax.

But the most interesting travel I’ll pursue this year, is the 2-week stay in Sardegna.


It is fascinating for a variety of reasons: first, because this is an island and if you are reading this blog long enough, you know I like islands, lighthouses, and rocky terrains. Second, because it is my first time there, which always rises emotions. Third, because Sardegna is a truly fascinating place, which merges so many traditions. Fourth, because it is not excessively popular tourist destination which guarantees silence and solitude, and lastly because I’m going there with my friend who has been visiting the island for the last 30 years.

Flying over Europe should be fun!

Flying over Europe should be fun!

It altogether guarantees a memorable time and surely fantastic content I will share with you as soon as I’m back.

So here are my travel plans for next couple of months. I had to turn down few other opportunities, including a press trip to Prague, but I believe I made the right choice. I’m leaving myself a couple of weeks free from traveling, just to stay at home, enjoy my friends and family company, and perhaps get to write the book.

What are your travel plans for this summer? Write in the comments.

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  • We are SO excited to meet you in Ferrara!! Can’t wait! :) Your other summer travel plans sound amazing. Wish we could have visited the Dolomites this time around but we’ll have to save that for our next trip to Italy :)

    See you soon! :)

    • YES! I’m excited too! I ask every vegan I meet about the tricks, recipes and everything else ;-) it’ll be fantastic! Oh, and yes, the Dolomites are really special. I love the place!

  • Italian Notes

    Sounds like great plans for the summer. Hiking the Dolomites and Sardegna is on my wish-list, but we haven’t started to make definite plans for the summer yet.

    • I’m leaving the day after tomorrow to the Dolomites. It’ll be wonderful, I’m pretty sure of that.

  • Sophie’s World

    You really like Italy, don’t you :)
    Haven’t been in the Dolomites since I was 15 – too young to appreciate landscape. Would love to return.

    • Well, yes, I do. If you like trekking and dramatic landscape the Dolomites is the right place to be.