How Travel Dreams Come True In A Twisted Way

How Travel Dreams Come True In A Twisted Way

It all went surprisingly different! My travel plans, I mean. This is an excellent example of how changing circumstances affects travels in a positive way. We usually consider changing plans as something negative, that ruined our schedule but here is my story that show dreams can come true even if in a twisted way.

First, I thought I’ll be in Lapland this autumn. As always. But I’m not. The reason why is related to my other dream of visiting Sweden and the King’s Trail in winter (What’s King’s Trail?). As the trip is long and bit expensive I can’t visit Sweden twice a year therefore a decision was made. I decided to postpone my lappish trip until May 2014 when, hopefully, I’ll take a night train from Stockholm to Kiruna again and ski from Nikkaluokta to Abisko. So far no bad news.

Swedish Lapland wooden house

Swedish Lapland wooden house

And that’s how it goes because even my travels planned for the second term of 2013 are very different from what I planned they are far more exciting at the same time! No harm was made.

I knew in advance that I’ll visit Ireland again from the moment I registered to attend a Tbex conference. But there is a surprise connected with this event as well. I applied and got accepted to one of the post conference trips. And guess what! I’m going to visit another small island called Inishnee (population 28 sounds already fascinating) near Galway! I have never thought I’ll visit Galway the same year twice but here we are. The trip called Wild Atlantic West Coast includes a half day trip to Inishnee plus visit to Connemara that I hadn’t have an opportunity to visit the last time.

Aran Islands church

The Aran Islands

Thus, what else? Oh yes, I thought I’ll walk the Way of St. James this autumn. I was SO sure I’ll walk it this year! I know that at some point I will, however not this autumn, and that’s quite certain. Why? Because I bought a plane ticket to New Zealand!

Camino de Santiago

Along the Camino de Santiago

What a surprise! New Zealand was always one of my dream destinations but this is SO far away I thought I need much more time to decide, organize, book and buy than 3 days! This was sort of impulse: I was checking RTW tickets and discovered amazing offer of New Zealand Airlines that I couldn’t resist. So, this November I’ll fly from London to Shanghai, further to Auckland and finally to Christchurch. And back, of course.

It looks like an amazing autumn to me. Most of all, I am happy that I’ll spend rainy European November in a place where spring begins! I’m thrilled with this idea and very happy that I’ll bring a totally new strand to my blog: New Zealand!

Off to Dublin tomorrow and my first Tbex conference. I’ll publish the first post from my trip just when I get back!

Stay tuned!

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  • Susan VibrantIreland

    Fab plans! See you at TBEX :-)

  • This is exactly why I never plan anything — literally. I don’t know what I’m doing for the day when I wake up and certainly don’t even know what city I will be visiting next, let alone what country. Living spontaneously leads to exponentially more adventures and excitement. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Unfortunately this also makes it both easy and difficult to travel with me. Easy because I’m up for anything but difficult because very very few can hang with this unplanned travel mentality. It also involves a lot of lying and BS’ing my way through immigration — especially when they ask about my departure plans.

    • Kenny

      Interesting point. However IMHO you cannot literally do not plan anything. Even buying a plain ticket is somehow planning next few days :P

      • Actually I tend to purchase my plane tickets the day of the flight, either online that morning or by just grabbing all my stuff and heading to the airport to see what flights still have available seats. Some people — okay, most people — think this is crazy but I’ve skipped way too many flights over the years b/c something fun came up. Now I’ve found that paying a few extra dollars for tickets is still cheaper than the money I’ve wasted in the past.

        Plus most places I visit don’t require American passport holders to get a visa — or if so then they offer VOAs — so no planning required there. However, that does bring up a good point — even if I haven’t purchased a plane ticket yet, I do at least know the date by which I should leave the country to avoid being fined. So even though I might not have anything specific planned, I usually know “but by this day I have to leave, extend my visa, or cough up some cash.” I guess that’s kind of like planning, in a way. But certainly not planning in the traditional sense.

        • Kenny

          Very interesting indeed!

        • Amazing! I would have never thought that this is actually possible. Thanks for sharing your way of traveling.