Swedish Lapland: Europe’s Last Untouched Wilderness

  • Lapporten, Abisko, Sweden
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I miss Lapland a lot! Especially in autumn time this feeling becomes difficult to deal with. For years, I was heading towards north by plane, bus and train and bus again. I was already getting cool in Stockholm- the first stop along the road. And then, traveling with a night train to Kiruna, Abisko or Gallivare was a terrific adventure itself. The first breath after getting off the train was freezing my lungs and was a sure sign of being close to the last wild area in Europe. Far north, over the arctic circle, close to the North Pole (let’s be honest: relatively close is better said, as it is still about 2500km from Kiruna to the North Pole).

This year, my missing Lapland is worse than ever because I didn’t go there. The reason is explained here in details but even if it sounds reasonable and still keeps hope for next year I miss Lapland. Badly. To deal with it I was browsing my pictures taken throughout the years spent there. I have like thousands of them so at some point I thought I’ll pick up the best ones to show you how beautiful it is. I wish all of my readers to visit this site in person. This is one of the most beautiful places I have even been to.

This collection contains only 20 pictures taken in last few years, however, there are more on the Flickr website. The gallery shows Lapland in autumn mainly, because that was always the time I went there. I really hope that the next May I’ll bring some winter photos to share with you. But before I will enjoy the ones taken just at the very start of winter.

And here is my recent (February 2015) interview about Lapland! Listen to my story here:

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