Quick Look At My First TBEX Conference

Quick Look At My First TBEX Conference

My first TBEX conference was a thrilling experience. I hope it will turn into a long lasting relationship with the community of bloggers from all over the world. As for now I can tell you a few things that I most appreciate from these couple of days spent in Ireland and why I think this was amazing experience.

The Power Of The Community

Although my blog will be one year old very soon my contacts with blogger fellows were limited to the e-version only. I knew some names, some interesting blogs, some sites I regularly visit and some nice chats over Twitter. BUT I have not met any of them in person. Thanks to TBEX conference it has changed. When I arrived to Dublin and saw the hall in Double Tree Hilton hotel packed with people I was shocked to discover how big the community is. Suddenly, hundreds of people got their faces behind their Internet names and we started to get known each other in a very traditional way: over coffee or drink, sharing our passions and worries.

Tbex 2013 Dublin

Tbex 2013 Dublin

As far as I’m concerned, although we are all individualists focused on our travels very much, the sense of belonging to the group is still important. In order to retain a healthy balance we need each other to share a common experience and not to feel completely isolated. Having a certainty that there is someone who understands you is a huge thing.

The Joy Shared Multiplies

This was amazing to see that the passion towards travel is shared by so many and it manifests itself in so many ways! Each of us travel and each of us do it differently. Isn’t it great? It is a good example of how shared characteristics keeps its individual and personal character. Although each of us has their own disappointments, failures or embarrassing stories we all agree that traveling is very joyful experience.

Tbex conference speaker

Tbex conference speaker

The Feeling Of Being Taken Care Of

The hospitality of Irish hosts was outstanding. It was not only the marvelous organization of the event or generous snacks at the coffee brakes but most of all their engagement in making sure that we’re all fine and happy. During the post conference trips (Wild West Atlantic) I was overwhelmed with the care and attention of people responsible for our time spent there. Starting with the driver Tommas and our guide Therese (Failte Ireland), through all hosts: Radisson Blu , Zetland Country House Hotel, Cashel House, traditional Irish food suppliers: Gleeson’s Cafe in Roscommon, Portfinn Lodge& Fjord Restaurant, Ard Bia in Galway, Twelve HotelMulranny Park HotelGrainne Uaile Pub, tradition keepers from Cnoc Suain (traditional Irish cottage, music, dancing and cooking), ending up with our entertainers: Great Western Greenway, John (Segway Adventures), guys from Walking West, and Killary Adventure. And photographer Shean O Mannin.

St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephen’s Green

No Matter Who You Are

The community is large enough to mirror the general composition of the global society. So at the conference you could meet singles, couples, families- both siblings and married couples with kids, and people with grey hair. Thanks to such a variety we could feel more attached to the reality. If that was only a group of young independent people in their 30s it would be much less so. Meeting people who have been traveling for last 25 years, who have been working for newspapers, travel agencies, publishing houses, chain hotels is a great resource.

Georgian Dublin in the sun

Georgian Dublin in the sun

My Best Thing About Tbex

For me: meeting John Minihan in person was the best about Tbex. It all comes from love to the literature and my total delight with Samuel Beckett plays. I feel privileged I could meet John who was not only the famous author’s photographer but was actually a friend of Beckett. Hie story was fascinating and a short conversation after the interview was amazing.

I got back home, unpacked my suitcase, made a laundry and now I’ll do my best to bring you through the whole Tbex experience as I saw it. I hope you’ll like it and, who knows, maybe we’ll meet at the next Tbex?

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