Holiday with a blogger!

Holiday with a blogger!

Holiday with a blogger is my recent idea. It is pretty simple: through a website of the project you can book a week stay in Ferrara with me. I traveled a lot in last 10 years and I think this is the perfect time to share my experience with others. And I am very interesting in meeting some of your – My Dear Readers and Followers. Interested in details? Here is the full story.

Why with a blogger?

There are two reasons why this holiday is fun. First is because the guidance I offer is very particular. I’ll tell my own story in Italy rather than a very traditional and rigid guided tour. Second, this travel idea is based on very individual treatment of every participant. I think about this idea as showing my favorite places to my friends, so the group is limited to 4 people! That’s right! Only 4 people so we could drive through the region by car, just like ordinary Italians do. No crowd, no buses, no traditional tourists around you!

Friends at Street Dinner, Ferrara, Italy

Friends at Street Dinner, Ferrara, Italy

I think the beauty of this idea is in my expertise, familiarity with the area and international experience. This holiday is just how I like it best: slow, tasty, funny, interesting and in a good company. The best thing about it is that I tried the major part of local attractions and I picked up the best for you. So what you really buy is a very particular experience of Italy that employs all your senses. You will taste Italy, see Italy, smell Italy, hear Italy and touch Italy. There is no better way to experience and remember any country.

Why Ferrara?

Simply because I lived there and because I love this city. I have many reasons for this particular tie with this UNESCO site: many of my friends live there, I have many happy memories from this place, I like the way it looks, I appreciate all seasons in this city and I also visited it many times with my foreign friends showing them my favorite places around. I think it is beautiful, elegant and so friendly! The way locals ride their bikes or chill our in front of the cathedral makes me smile. Every single time I’m in this city this makes me happy!

Why September and May?

Because the weather is sunny enough to feel the Mediterranean climate and it is cool enough not to get tired and drained out by the summer heat.These are my favorite months in Italy. In May spring usually explodes with green and flowers and you can feel the warmth and sun. In September you still feel the warmth. More importantly, however, September is the best month to taste the traditional dish of Ferrara: cappellacci di zucca and it’s because the main ingredient is pumpkin, which is exceptionally sweet in this area.

Also, these months are just perfect for two events I particularly like: Palio and Street Dinner. Both of these events were described earlier on my blog so if you wish to want know more click the links. This year 5th edition of Street Dinner sounds already super cool: the rule is the same as previous years. You need to dress total white and you don’t know the location of this event until the very last minute. Ferrara is full of people dressed in white that evening and it looks so elegant! I enjoyed last year 4th edition and so I think if you wish to visit Ferrara you should do it this September!

So watch the video below, visit the site iloveFerrara and book today! Ah, and share it with your friends! They might come too.

See you in September in Ferrara!
I am looking forward to meeting you!

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