On the top

On the top

While it might be trivial as all travel guides say it I would still encourage you start your visit in Milan from the central square. This is a busy square packed with people in organized groups, Japanese mostly. For me the best time to visit this place was during the night: it looks marvelous.  It is beautifully illuminated! But if I was in Milan only for a short visit and had no chance to wait until the dark I would recommend a twilight. You have to see it from the roof of the cathedral! The cathedral is called in Italian Duomo (read just as it is written, with all letters). Yes, you can actually go right up to the roof using the stairs or elevator (to some point only and then you have to continue on your foot). Walking these tiny little staircase is fun itself but seeing the view from the top is even better. If you are lucky and there is a nice weather you can even see the Alps! For most part of the year the peaks are covered with snow and together with skyline of Milan they are magnificent.

I love Ferrara - alternative way to spend your holiday

I love Ferrara – alternative way to spend your holiday

Have you ever thought about visiting Italy? Here is an alternative way on how to visit Italy and get really close to the Italian way of life. I created a project ‘I love Ferrara‘ so you could join me and experience how beautiful and tasty Ferrara is. If you wish to immerse in Italy book your holiday now!

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