Everything starts with an idea

Everything starts with an idea

Everything starts with an idea. This is how my journey has started and this is how this blog has been created. I had been studying mobility, migration and all kinds of movement for years and suddenly I realized how little I knew. I mean, I got familiar with some clever theories that attempt to explain you why, how and when, but honestly I had the impression that I was missing the point.

My idea is pretty straightforward: using my current knowledge and experience I would like to plan a sort of “around the world” trip. Plan it and pursue it. I want to make it special. I want to experience the journey for real. I want to make it a life-changing experience. This is where everything has started:

the desire to know more and to understand why.

Now, I don’t have the answer yet. Instead, I would like to invite you to be a witness of my research.

You may think that nowadays a travel around the world is trivial and that EVERYBODY at certain point of their life do it. And it is true that buying cheap flight and knowing English allow you to move from one place to another. My purpose, however, is different: I’m not interested in moving here and there, seeing things, taking pictures and telling after return home that I “traveled the world”. I want to let the journey ‘make me or unmake me’. I want to get amazed and left breathless.

About the author

I get easily fascinated with people and places. I am passionately curious. I get often seduced with the beauty of nature. Blue sky, pure water, white snow and endless horizon seams to be enough to make me happy.

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