Canon, camera, lenses, etc.

Canon, camera, lenses, etc.

Travel lasts more than the travel itself. The planning before and memories after the journey extend it so you get the impression of being constantly on the move. One of the most pleasant ways to stretch the journey is watching the pictures or movies taken during the trip. For last couple of years I have been improving my photographic skills so I could share it with friends after return home and I could keep the journey alive.

I consider myself a faithful ‘Canonist’. What I mean by this declaration is that every camera I have ever had was made by Canon and that I have been always very happy about it. My current equipment contains: EOS 60D and three lenses.



I am using this camera for about 2 years and it has never failed me. In a meantime I bought a new additional charger so I could travel and take pictures without the necessity to visit ‘civilized world’ searching for an electric plug. One charger allows me to take up to about a thousand pictures (with the color screen switched off, though).

This camera is heavy and considering the weight of my backpack I always need to choose whether I take my camera or additional pair of shoes. I can tell you this: camera usually wins. I sometimes take the lenses with me (70-200 mm with image stabilizer and the smallest one 50 mm) but it depends on where I go and what my plans are.

Canon Lenses

70-200 mm

Taking pictures is easy but taking GOOD pictures is much more complicated. Although I have a good sense of light and composition I still find it difficult to decide the exposure time in relation to the aperture and the light compensation. Luckily, using a digital camera allows many experiments with different options so I am usually happy with the final result. I wish to learn how to take good pictures in a foggy weather. This is one of my priorities before starting the next journey.

One of my basic rules is that I delete the photos considered poor in terms of light and composition. I often analyze the data of particular pictures and try to remember which aperture was good in particular environment, etc. I find it really helpful in order to upgrade the skills and produce better pictures.

All photos were downloaded from the official website of Canon.

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