Easter is coming!

Easter is coming!

When I’m looking out of my window I see snow. And it is really hard to believe it is April and Easter is coming. Fortunately, tradition is not tied to the weather condition. Or rather: even if some elements are naturally linked to spring, like flowers, boxus, or winter corn, the Easter comes irrespectively. And this year it is snowing for Easter. Great!

I am really happy to spend this Easter at home, with my family. After exhausting travel around the world, recent marathon run and 2 weeks stay in Italy I need a brake. Staying at home, preparing traditional dishes, baking, cleaning and just meeting friends is more than enough. I feel lucky to participate in celebration of Paschal Triduum so my holiday time is an opportunity to grow spiritually. It starts tonight with a Maundy Thursday and ends on Saturday night/Sunday early morning. I love this time of the year for its silence, powerful symbols, celebration deeply rooted in our national tradition, and for its remembrance of the most important things.

The Paschal Triduum, the long hours spent in cold church with hundreds of other people, very particular music in a background, and the story of redemption read again, put my life in the right perspective. It calms down my chaotic thoughts, it brakes my routine and creates space for my soul to stretch.

Happy Easter everyone! May this be a truly blessed time to us all.


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