Full immersion in Italian life: Settimana Buon Vivere

Full immersion in Italian life: Settimana Buon Vivere

I love Italy and every excuse to visit this country again is a good one. Thus, when my friend Alessandra asked me to join the initiative called ‘Settimana Buon Vivere‘ I had no objections. This autumn I’ll bring the new stories from Italy. Join me in discovering the new places and revisiting the favorites one. Here are a short explanation of will happen in next two weeks.


Settimana Buon Vivere is focused on one of the Italian regions: Romagna (part of Emilia-Romagna where I lived for a couple of years). This event spans for about two weeks and is full of meetings, workshops, concerts, and interviews. Through a variety of activities, it does not only promote the region but also a healthy community, slow food and healthy lifestyle. It gathers many people of all professions and this year I’ll be one of the bloggers invited to participate. We will visit Ravenna, Cesena, Forli and Rimini to taste Romagna at its best. Out of Romagna we will be taken to Milan and see EXPO. Apart of EXPO I am looking forward this visit in Milan as this city brings me a lot of memories from the past.

Cesena Downtown - photo by Cathy Sweeney

Cesena Downtown – photo by Cathy Sweeney

Things To Do

There is a focus on food and community during all events. I like the idea of eating together at the huge table, social street dinner, herbs gathering, wine tasting and meeting specialists who are eager to share their knowledge on healthy eating. We’ll be hanging around Romagna and trying to deepen our knowledge and experience of the Italian kitchen. There is also bike riding and bird watching planned and considering the current weather in Poland I am very much looking for a slice of the summer.


For me three events that I am very much looking forward to are as follows: A trekking with the donkeys sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never rode on a donkey nor I had a walk with a donkey on a leash, and as I have no idea how does this trekking look like I can’t wait to find out. A visit at the Ancient Malatestiana Library. As you remember, last time I was in Cesena the library was closed thus this time I’ll have an opportunity to see the interior of the oldest civic library in the world. A concluding dinner with famous chef Massimo Bottura who runs a successful restaurant in Modena. He says about himself that he was born in a country of ‘fast cars and slow food’. He is an expert in Italian cuisine thus I can’t wait to taste his food. Follow me and find out more about this initiative or follow social media of the Settimana Buon Vivere: TwitterFacebookInstagramFlickr or follow official hashtag #BuonVivere throughout all social media. Photo credits:  Traveling with Sweeney, OtelloAdventures of a Carry-On and Alessandra.

If you are interested how Settimana di Buon Vivere went click here.

Fontana Masini, Cesena, photo by Penny Sadler

Fontana Masini, Cesena, photo by Penny Sadler

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