Perugia & Umbria Gallery

As much as Tuscany in one of the most frequently visited Italian regions Umbria is much less so. Although there are many similarities between these two Umbria gets less attention and less traffic. And it makes Umbria really intriguing. Finding information on main cities of the region (Perugia, Spoleto, Norcia or Assisi) is simple so let me skip this part.

Why I think Umbria is so intriguing? Let me put it this way: For me the region brings a delight of gentle landscape and small charming towns. The combination of peace and silence immersed in long tradition and rich culture is appealing. This is what makes Umbria awesome!

Do you also have a similar place where everything that troubles you at home gets proper proportions?

All pictures are courtesy of my travel mate. He is a real photography genius!

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