Rome At Its Best

  • Vatican City, The Holy See

You never get tired with this view! Here is great news: it is possible to visit Italy today! Join me this autumn! I’ll be there to show you what Italy is all about. Check this website and book today! A project iloveFerrara designed by me is waiting for you so you could experience Italy at its best.

One of the previous posts on Rome got some really nice comments saying that Rome IS a walking city, despite everything what people think about it. Exchanging tweets on how beautiful Rome is with Italian Talks, Rome in Depth, Walks of Italy and Browsing Rome encouraged me to prepare this gallery. I picked up only seven places in Rome: the Vatican City, San Paolo Fuori le Mura Basilica, Piazza di Spagna, Foro Romano, Quirinale and Castel Sant’Angelo (respectively)Some of the places- Vatican, San Paolo and  Piazza di Spagna– are shot twice to make an impression of getting closer to it: so, the first picture is from the distance and the second is much closer. I would love to hear whether you like it and whether it really gives you such impression.

I had been working in Rome for a year and the most precious thing about it was an opportunity to walk it every season. My favorite are September and October. If I could, I would go there every autumn, just to hanging around without any purpose at all. Rome is awesome but also difficult to visit. I know few people who, despite its awesomeness, returned disappointed. So try these travel tips and watch the pictures. And prepare your own plan how to meet this city in real.


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